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Being a student is an intense and life-changing experience. A persons understanding and comprehension is stretched. In addition, the learning of new skills and abilities takes great commitment and courage. Alongside this many students are living away from home and family for the first time, and are learning to live in new surroundings.
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Being a student can be an amazing time of new discovery and the forming of new friendships. But it can also be a time of struggling with study tasks, financial worries, loneliness, anxiety and despair. So prayer is essential, for prayer covers, contains, holds, protects, guides! Students stand at the opening of new doorways into life. With the appropriate love and support they can go through these to live the great adventures and experiences that lie beyond. The doorway of opportunity for students is wide open, so prayer for them is essential for bringing guidance and stability.

student studying on balcony

student studying on balcony

Prayer for College Students

Dear God,

This is such an exciting time.
Full of hope, full of dreams, full of life.
A great chance to learn, to take risks and explore,
To gain new skills and grow up on the inside.
A safe place to meet friends
Join in and have fun,
Such times of excitement and joy lie ahead.

My prayer for them is that you would hold them in your love.
May they know right from wrong.
I ask for your strong hand to lead the way,
Yet still give them the freedom to fly.
It is such a great age to embrace life,
Keep them shining in the light,
All the time!
Follow and cover, lead and protect
Set them free and hold them, close everyday.
You are a heavenly Father to them.
I know you will hear all I pray.


Prayer for students taking exams

Father God,

You know each of us by name,
You walk besides us and guide our footsteps.
You journey with us, and watch over us at each stage of our lives.

I pray that you would steady the hearts and minds of these students.
I know that you are rooting for them as they learn and study for exams.
I trust you to keep them, and protect them from fear of failure,
For they are all loved and blessed by you.
You know them by name and call each one.


Prayer for a Student

A short meditation on God as comforter, counsellor, encourager and friend. Suitable for a student to pray whilst away at college or university.

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Prayer for a Student

(the prayer poem in the film above)

Father, as I study away from home - I am not alone

You are my friend - help me to meet new people
You are my encourager - come build my confidence and vision
You are my teacher - help me to learn and gain wisdom
You are my comforter - hold me when I'm lonely or afraid
You are my counsellor - I share my excitement and worries with you
You are my protector - I lay my life into your safe hands
Thank you for your presence with me now


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Prayer for nursing students

Heavenly Father,

We pray for those students who are learning the skills to nurse. Dwell in their hearts and give them great love. Come nurture within them the wisdom to protect, and the passion to heal. Shape their hearts to be both gentle in care and strong in adversity. Come help them as they study, may they learn and memorize well. May they grow to become more than the medicine and physical care that they give, may they always be filled with your hope and love.

Most of all, come be their rock, their safe place when times are hard. Look after them as they minster to others, watch over their health and their well being. Cover them with your grace as they enter hard places to help those in great pain and suffering.

We praise you for their commitment to nursing. It is a gift to the world.


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