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Prayerscapes has been born out of Revelation Family Church, England (where all began) and is both a personal and corporate expression of journeying with God and his people. It seeks to reflect the creative God we worship through the creation of contemporary soundtracks, short films and new prayers for daily living.

Currently over 100,000 people every month visit prayerscapes to pray, watch the online films and listen to the soundtracks. Prayerscapes films and resources have been used at national conferences (such as the New Wine and Spring Harvest celebrations in the UK) and across the world in churches, prisons, hospitals, schools and even at Hawaiian wedding ceremonies! The prayerscapes youtube channel has recently clocked over 1,500,000 views - subscribe here to keep up to date with our latest film releases.

Neil Haydock

Neil Haydock Neil is the composer and producer for prayerscapes. His career has taken him on a musical journey which covers many disciplines - from the web of musical theatre, to the sound of big band swing - from large orchestral works to experimental electronic scores. (

Julie Palmer

Julie Palmer Julie is the main singer and songwriter for prayerscapes. As a songwriter Julie seeks to reveal the heart of God. Julie co-wrote and performed in the musical "Invisible Tears" at the Chichester Festival Minerva Theatre, and is a published writer of contemporary prayers.

Roger Ellis

Roger Ellis Founder leader, Revelation Family Church, Chichester and Fusion international student initiative. "This is the Church" creates a soundscape around a prayer that Roger spontaneously prayed at a national worship conference. The soundtrack has also been adapted into a contemporary dance by Chilian based AlcanzArte Danza.

Pete Greig

Pete Greig Founder and director of, a non-stop prayer movement that has now spread into over 100+ countries worldwide, and a vice-president of Tear Fund. Pete commissioned and inspired the multi-lingual "Lord's Prayer" for the album "Chill" and also features on the prayerscapes track "Bathe the world in prayer".

Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans Matthew is a folk musician and plays the Irish whistles, recorder, and uilleann pipes on a number of prayerscapes tracks (for example, for the films "Morning Prayer" and "Disturb Us Lord"). Listen to more original music by Matthew here at his site.

Samuel Oyediji

Samuel Oyediji Samuel is a musician and music technician. He brings his reading and acting skills to "Feel My Heartbeat" (from the first album) and also reads on "More than a Story", "Life In The Valley" and "Glory" from our second prayerscapes album "Into Eternity".

Paul Makinson

Paul Makinson Paul is a physical theatre actor and storyteller. He appears as Jesus in "The Passion" and is also a reader on "The Lords Prayer".

Maggie Ellis

Maggie Ellis Founder and director of The Life Centre, (a counselling service which supports survivors of rape and sexual abuse) and specialist coach and counsellor. Maggie devised a "dreamers" prayer installation and inspired "The Dreamers". She also reads on the tracks "Feel My Heartbeat", "Life In The Valley" and "More Than A Story".

Kenton Mee

Kenton Mee An international photographer and director of KM photography. Kenton provided the camera work and cinematography for the films "Feel My Heartbeat" and "The Passion".

Other contributors include

Violin Violin - Nick Haigh, Lizzie Lynas and Geoff Hense
Cello - Laura Ritchie, Eleane Monery and Andrew Benson
Flute - Sandra Lyndon
Other Readers - Phil Palmer, Clive Sherwood, Doug Ross, Dan Slatter

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Pilots landing a small plane on a landing strip.

Living in a fallen world can be a lonely experience. I have come to see this isolation, this separation is in opposition to the connectedness that Creator God intended for us all. I can only imagine that somehow in heaven we will enjoy a unity and intimacy with God and each other that we only experience as tiny fragments in our lives Read More

Disturb Us Lord

Sailing Boat on the oceans

The words in the video below cry “Disturb Us Lord!”. Come disturb us – when we are too safe, too distracted, too caught-up in the now to “dream of eternity”. Yet unlike some of those early Celtic pilgrims we are unlikely to literally sail out in a coracle into the vast unknown! However, at every stage, Read More

Treasure Chest

God’s love is a like a treasure chest in the centre of our lives. It is at the very core of our families, and is the powerhouse of our callings in the world. In Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians there lies an explanation of love that explores the nature of this treasure trove. We Read More