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Woman revising for exam

Woman revising for exam

You Go Before Me
(a prayer to say before taking an exam to help calm nerves and stress)

You go before me.
Help me to sleep well, arise with health and to arrive on time for my exam.

You are beside me.
Walk with me, calm my mind and reassure my heart that I have prepared well.

You are beneath me.
Please catch me if I fall, cover my thoughts as I read the questions, calming my feelings if I panic or mind goes blank.

You are above me.
And I lift my eyes to Your goodness, and the promises over my life. Help me to hold onto my dreams and visions, to have faith that I can pass this exam.

In Jesus name,


Prayer for students taking exams

Father God,

I pray for all the students taking exams today, that You would protect them, guide them, excite them and hold them. May they know Your peace in their hearts, Your vision for their lives and Your strength as they work.


Prayer for guidance

A simple request to God asking for His peace and direction in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty:-

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prayer in this film

Prayer For Guidance

Lord, you promised that when I seek You with all our heart, I will find You.
I seek only after You.
Still my troubled heart.
Calm my wayward mind.
I seek only after You.

I'm never going to be able to figure this out on my own,
And right now I'm leaning heavily on You.
I seek only after You.

I give you all the anxieties and fears I feel inside
I release them all to You
I seek only after You.

I open up my life
So that it becomes like an open book before You
May You write in it Your words of inspiration and direction.

Still my troubled heart.
Calm my wayward mind.
I seek only after You.

I await Your voice.

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celtic frame

Prayer for success with an exam test
(a prayer for all those currently revising that they may pass their examination)


I give You this exam today. I lay my worries, fears and anxieties at Your feet. Thank you that You have overcome the world, that my heart rests in You, and that my strength is renewed in Your presence.

Help me now to recall all I have learnt, to concentrate and to focus on this paper. Lord, please give me success as I am tested. Lord bless me as I give of my best.

In Jesus name.


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