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A collection of short prayers for individual devotion, small group meditations, or corporate worship. All these films can be watched for free on this site (or on our youtube channel) and downloaded to keep in HD for a small fee:-

new for 2016

Woman with hood over face, painted in watercolours.

tomorrow came

A ministry song for those who are in the middle of depression or despair, reflecting on how Christ brings hope into the darkest moments of our lives.

Two Hands in a Field

take my hand

A contemporary song written to help minister God's healing to those who are suffering.

Two shadows on the pavement

between your shadow and mine

A contemporary song which reflects on the nature of God's presence with us.

Man running

prayer connects

A short film exploring the many wonderful ways in which prayer is a gift for us all.

Real Love

real love

A meditation on the remarkable characteristics of Christian love. About 4 mins long.

famous prayers

Beautiful Valley

psalm 23

A reading of the famous prayer by King David ("The Lord is my Shepherd") followed by a short song meditation.

Scene from space

the serenity prayer

A beautiful request to God for wisdom, courage and serenity, made famous by the work of Alcoholics Anonymous.

New York Underground

the Lord's prayer

A multilingual reading of the "Our Father", from Matthew 6:9-13. Shot on location in downtown New York, shortly after the 9/11 tragedy.

short prayers for daily living

Sunrise over fields

morning prayer

A prayer to receive God's hope, love and joy for the day ahead.

Sunrise over city

prayer before work

A prayer for the morning that receives God's truth, rest, and direction for the working day.

Sunset over Galilee

night prayer

A prayer for bedtime that reminds us of God's protection and renewing work within us. Featuring images of the sun setting over the sea of Galilee.

Sunrise over city

prayer for guidance

A simple request to God for His inspiration and direction.

People crossing a road

prayer for protection

A short blessing asking for God's safety, protection and care.

Birds flying round a lake

prayer for peace of mind

A meditation on the tranquillity found in receiving God's life-giving waters, and waiting a while before Him.

Trees in the Autumn

thanksgiving prayer

A prayer of gratitude for God's presence with us through the changing seasons of life.

prayers for specific events or times

Sailing Boat

opening prayer

A prayer suitable for beginning a small meeting (such as a bible study) or church service.

Trees in Blossom

prayer for strength when grieving

A prayer for comfort and hope for those suffering the devastating loss of a loved one or friend.

Holding hands

prayer for hope and strength

A prayer asking for God's hope and light to come into a difficult situation. To the music of "Lord, be my vision".

Sunshine over beach

prayer for healing

A prayer asking for God's divine touch to bring restoration and healing.

Trees in Blossom

prayer for a student

A short meditation on God as comforter, counsellor, encourager and friend. Suitable for a student to pray whilst away at university.

Front Door

house blessing prayer

A short prayer suitable for sending to a friend or loved one when they are moving into a new home.

Hot Air Balloons

birthday prayer message

A prayer suitable for sending or giving to a friend to bless them on their birthday.

Abstract painting of mother and child

blessing prayer

"May the road rise up to meet you" - an ancient celtic prayer set to music.

prayerscapes films

Slightly longer videos with a theme to each one
Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus

love came

A meditation on the Christmas story, with a contemporary poem conveying the significance of the coming of Christ for our lives now.

The Disciples meet the resurrected Christ

love overcame

A reflection on the Resurrection with semi-abstract artwork, poetry and music.

Three contemporary dancers

disturb us Lord

A contemporary dance interpretation of this famous prayer attributed to Sir Francis Drake.

Contemporary Dancer in front of fire

this is the church

A prayer by Roger Ellis (author and teacher) on God's gift of the church, with contemporary christian dance interpretation by AlcanzArte Dance, Chile.

Side view of mans face

feel my heartbeat

A creative reading of the Apostle Paul's famous hymn to love (1 Corinthians 13).

Contemporary interpretation of Christ on the cross

the passion

A reading about the death and resurrection of Christ, taken from Matthew 27:27-54 and Hebrews 12:2-3.

other good prayer films

Some creative and thought-provoking prayer videos from around the web.

24/7 prayers

24/7 prayer is a global prayer movement working in over 100+ nations. Featured opposite is an animation narrated by Pete Greig on some good reasons for praying.

Laurence Freeman on Christian meditation

Laurence Freeman is a Benedictine monk who directs the World Community for Christian Meditation. In this film Fr Laurence discusses what it means to "pay attention"

just prayers

Featured opposite is Karenina Jackson's moving story about the loss of her second child shortly after giving birth. Join with her as she prays for protection.

latest blog

Neil and Julie

Love Came at Christmas

The shepherds, wise men and angel gather around the new born Christ.

I wrote the following poem that you can see in the video below for a church nativity service. I love these moments in our lives, the ones that distill everything that we hold dear! Lights shining in the darkness, heaven filled with music, cherished moments watching our little ones and the feeling of unity and Read More

Finding Faith in Prayer

Pile of Mustard Seeds

Sometimes I feel it is pointless praying. At times, when faced with the terrible suffering of others or in desperate circumstances I struggle to string any words together to God. Yet it is in these times that prayer is the only place we can go, it is often all that we have. “All” – thank Read More

This I Know

A butterfly hovering over cupped hands.

“This I Know” is a song that came to me in a moment of confusion. I had made mistakes that had badly hurt others, and I felt very shaken. The song takes the form of a gentle lullaby, reminding us that whatever befalls us, we have a refuge, a safe place, a sanctuary we can Read More