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Close up of a red rose

Close up of a red rose

Wrap me in love
(a prayer for the healing of past wounds & for finding love & happiness again)


Wrap me in love
Snuggle up tight, warm with forgiveness,
Safe in your light.
Wrap me and hold me,
Safe in your arms, melt my resentment,
Protect me from harm.

Wrap me completely,
And under your wing, come and transform me,
Touch me to sing.
Wrap me and whisper,
Of unending love, paint me a picture
Of heaven above.

Wrap me with pure truth,
Where I hear no lies, bathed in sweet promise,
Breathe faith alive.
Wrap up my hardness,
The hurt and the pain, till I become
Soft in your presence again.

Wrap all the pieces
Each fragment of me, gathered and treasured,
Mend me with peace.
Wrap me with love,
So that I may give love
And find love, and freedom again.

Prayer to find love
(a prayer for a soul mate and life partner)

My Lord and my Father,

You know my desire,
The longing I have for a soul mate to find.
So lead me to fullness, take away fear,
Fill me with joy, wipe away tears.
Moment by moment let hope arise,
As I search and discover, open my eyes.
Take all I am, and refill my life,
Let hope be my motto and love be my guide.

Prayer for someone you love

(a prayer for your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend)

Lord, you know the deep love I have for this beautiful soul.
We are so thankful to have found each other.
I lift them to you now, and ask for your blessing.
Please watch over them, keep and protect them.

Lord, help me to care for them as you do.
May freedom and grace surround them.
Show me how to honour them and bless our connection.
May your mercy and love follow us all the days of our lives.

We love you.


pink celtic frame

real love

A meditation on the remarkable characteristics of Christian love. About 4 mins long.

download and keep this film in HD for $2.50

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