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Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers

A Prayer For My Mom

May my mum feel in her heart
A sense of joy and peace.
May she dwell in fondest memories
Of little hands and feet.
And know that every loving touch
Each carry, hug or kiss,
Is like a pot of treasure
That she has given me.

May you watch and care for her
Like she has cared for me.
Help her see the lovely woman
She has always been.
Help her rest and find the peace
A mothers loving needs.
Give her patience, wisdom, grace
To understand and see.

That what I have, the love investment,
All I have received,
Is down to her deep love for you,
And what she's taught to me.
That we have a heavenly Father
Who hears our every prayer,
And when we call upon his name,
He is always there.
So I can follow in her steps
And feed my children love.
Because I know that God loves me,
I'll always have enough.

Birthday Prayer for Mom

Dear Lord,

May her birthday be as special as she is - full of joy and laughter, overflowing with grace. Fill her home with gifts and cards, and her heart with pride and love. Gather up her memories and wrap them with sweet peace. Let her stroll and feel the breeze of your hope. Show her beauty in the skies and goodness in the fields. Whisper promises and dreams into her gentle ears. For she has given out so much, I hope she will receive all our love and gratitude for all the special years.


Prayer for a sick mom

(a prayer suitable to pray for your mom when she is ill or awaiting surgery or treatment)

Heavenly Father,

Please hold my lovely mum close to your heart. Shelter her at his time of illness, and help her to rest and restore. Lord cover her mind with the peace of Christ, fill her heart again with your hope, and touch her body with your heavenly power.

Keep her safe and hear her prayers.


pink celtic frame

Blessing for mom

"May the Road Rise Up to Meet You" is an uplifting song based on an ancient Celtic blessing, suitable for sending to your mom as a blessing message via email or social media:-

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lyrics in this video

May The Road Rise Up To Meet You

May the road rise up to meet you
And the wind be on your back
May the sun shine warm upon you
And the rain fall gently down

May God hold you, ever hold you
May God hold you, in the palm of His hand
Gently hold you, come enfold you
May God hold you, in the palm,
The palm of His hand

May the stars come out to greet you
As you lie your head to rest
May the moonlight smile upon you
And your dreams be ever blessed

(based on an ancient celtic blessing)
Words & music by Neil Haydock & Julie Palmer © 2012 Capernaum Publishing.
CCLI song #6425162

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"May the road rise up to meet you" - an ancient celtic prayer set to music, suitable for sending as a blessing message via facebook or email.

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