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Light blue front door

Light blue front door

New House Blessing
(a contemporary prayer poem suitable for sending in a housewarming card or as a message)

May this home be wonderful
Filled with great joy
May you settle in quickly
And really enjoy
A chance to build new things
Upon a new page
A fresh look at living
A chance to make change.

And let this home also
Be a great place to rest
Come unpack the good things
That bring happiness.
And may you feel safe
In this new place you own
May this house quickly
Become just like home.

Blessing a new home - some creative ideas

A "home" is more than bricks and mortar. And as we fill a new place with our own possessions it builds identity and memory into it's heart. Sometimes this transition comes naturally but there are occasions when making a new house a "home" can be challenging. Here are some creative ideas for blessing your new dwelling:-

You may find that filling the home with friends and family in a house warming party will change the way you feel. Consider also praying with others by moving from room to room. This is an opportunity to ask for God's peace and speak out your hopes for each aspect of living in your new home.

If there is an aspect of the house that you find difficult, consider addressing this physically with flowers, colour (repainting) or changing the lighting. You may also want to stand within the area of concern and pray love and blessing over it.

Nesting is an important aspect of human nature, and we will each have our own way of creating a safe haven. If in doubt or if you are struggling with your living accommodation, speak with a friend, change things and pray until you feel like you're "home". Here you may find some of the prayer poems and blessings on this page useful.

May the Lord bless this house

A short prayer suitable for sending to a friend or loved one when they are moving into a new home.

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May the Lord bless this house

(the prayer poem in the film above)

May the Lord bless this house and make it home
Full of generous welcome for all who visit
Brimming with warmth and contentment for family and friends
Overflowing with hospitality and nourishing provision
A haven for safety and peace in night and day
And a place of refreshment, of growth and happiness
May the Lord bless this house and make it home

Filled with His love


(prayer courtesy

pink celtic frame

celtic frame

Lord come bless this house
(a house blessing poem)

Lord come bless this house, come make it a home
With a welcoming feel, overflowing with love.

Fill it with warmth, full it with heart
Every picture and photo display more than art.

More than just furnishings, may this place be
A safe place to rest, to hope and to dream.

May all be comfortable, valued and filled with your peace
Rooted in your goodness, on love may they feast.

Come bless this house, come make it a home
With a welcoming feel, overflowing with love.

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