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Two birds together in a tree

Prayer for a happy marriage

O God,

Our love was built on you,
A sure and bountiful land,
Each brick was placed with hope,
And prayer by loving hands.

On a summers day
We throw the windows open and rest.
Smell the perfume of the flowers
And watch the small birds nest.
And sometimes stormy skies have come,
So we shelter safe inside
The house of love, a dwelling place,
A sanctuary to hide.

And so when we have hit hard times,
Our prayers ring out a new,
And hold each others hands real tight
And put our trust in you.
For true loves candle
Will not always burn so bright and strong.
How could it when so many
Different seasons come along?

But we have learnt that when our feet are placed
Upon your bountiful land,
And stand as three with you our God
Through each flicker and understand.
We need to give our candle space
To burn and gently tend,
The little heat that's left
And fan the flame of love again.

And understand that it's our duty
To love and care and protect,
Each other every single day
That's where our eyes are set!
Upon a friendship, intimate
A true love story and brave.
That takes us deeper into a kingdom
Where heavenly life awaits.

Two birds together in a tree

Prayer for happiness at work

Dear Lord,

Please wipe away the areas where I struggle at work. Take the deadlines, targets and performance checks from my shoulders. I am your child working for the kingdom of Heaven, I live in your grace and lean upon you when I feel weak. So touch my heart with renewed excitement about my work day. Help me to respond to all those I encounter with goodness and love. Lord, come and renew my vision for the work of my hands. May I be diligent and productive in all I do.

Fill this day with the wonder of living life to the full.


prayer for work

The following short meditation reflects on the meaning of putting God first in all things.

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Prayer before work

(the prayer poem in the film above)

Today I will remember to put you before all things.
Lord before tiredness - you are energy
Lord before stress - you are peace
Lord before need - you are the gift
Lord before decisions - you are truth
Lord before toil - you are rest.
Today I will remember to put your energy, your peace, your gift, your truth and your rest before my working day.
That I may go not in my own strength but be led by your Spirit.


(prayer from

pink celtic frame

celtic frame

Prayer for a happy family

Father God,

We lift our hearts and voices to you and give thanks for your unending love and faithfulness.

Help us to live in this day. May we neither let hurt from yesterday or fears of tomorrow rob the gift of living in the moment. May we rejoice as a family in all the goodness that you have given us, and be a safe place for others to come and find shelter.

In the name of Jesus,


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