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This page features three simple prayers suitable for praying with children in the classroom or in school assemblies. The first prayer is appropriate for primary (elemetary) aged children. This is followed by a short printable version of this prayer and a prayer before class starts for high school students to pray. There is also an inspiring morning prayer for a teacher to say at the beginning of the day, and links to creative maths and teenage prayers.

Chalk on Blackboard

Chalk on Blackboard

Opening Prayer for Class
(suitable for elementary/primary aged school children to say)

Thank you God for all the things you've made our world to be.
For every single living plant, insect, bird and tree.

Thank you God for all the people you have placed around us.
For every single parent, friend and teacher that we trust.

Thank you Lord for all the gifts you send to us each day.
For every single meal and snack, for cuddles, toys and play.

Thank you God for caring for us, we know you always see,
Our every need, our worries, cares, our laughter, joys and tears.

Thank you Lord that you're our friend, you delight in all we do,
Especially when you hear our prayers, and we give thanks to you.


class prayer

a short version of the prayer above, suitable for printing or displaying in the classroom:-

Prayer for Before or After Class

prayer before class

"Cheeky Monkey TV" is a fun way for teaching children about prayer. In this episode, Monkey learns about how God’s presence is everywhere all the time just like the air around us, and Anthony leads us in a short prayer to say before class starts:

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prayer in this film

Prayer Before Class

Dear God,

thank you for looking after our school.
Thank you that you love each and every one of us here.
Help us to learn, play and share together.
It’s incredible that you are there every second of the day,
all the time,
beside each of us.


(a prayer for children from

prayer before class

(downloadable and printable image version)
A prayer for children to say before class starts

student prayer before class
(a prayer suitable for a high school pupil to pray)

Heavenly Father,

You hold each of us in your loving hands.
Come fill our hearts, minds and bodies afresh with hope.
Help us to cast our worries upon you, so that we can embrace our learning today.
Bless us as we study and grow together.
Come and anoint those who teach and tutor us to be bringers of insight and knowledge.
Lord, watch over us all, keep us safe within your Almighty hand.


Morning Prayer Before Class Starts

(suitable for a teacher to say)

We thank you for this new day Lord.
Help us to embrace all that it may hold for us.
To hear the birdsong, and have new melodies in our hearts.
To see the sunrise and create beauty with our hands.
To touch the leaves that grow afresh,
And allow your love to touch our hearts.
To smell the fragrance of the flowers
And breathe in the wonder of your creation.
To dwell on the beauty of our world,
And study and fathom the science and maths miracles.
To enjoy the conversations we have and the lessons we go to,
May we drink in all the goodness you have for us.


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Featuring prayers for young people to say in a school assembly or class, and an inspirational daily prayer for a teenage son or daughter.

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Inspirational Prayers


Read uplifting prayers for healing, strength and renewal! Also featuring daily morning and evening prayers, and petitions for various occasions and events.

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