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prayers about miscarriage

Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Woman

Prayer Against Miscarriage

So, so small is this life within my womb,
Newly formed a wondrous gift, a miracle from you.
Life beginning, quite unique and everyday emerging,
Growing every hour it's little soul developing.

Creator God keep this precious little one so safe,
Held within your loving hands and beautifully made.
Oversee each feature, blow hope on to every limb.
Hold this son or daughter as they gently form within.

Watch my every step as I carry this dear treasure.
Hear my daily prayers and bind our hearts together.
You are lord of my heart, You reign within my life,
Help my body hold and keep this tiny one inside.

May I know the peace of Christ and dwell in redeeming grace.
Heavenly Father shelter us and keep us both so safe.
So, so small is this life within my womb,
Newly formed a wondrous gift, a miracle from you.

prayer for a friend

a heartfelt prayer asking for strength to come to a friend during a difficult time.

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celtic frame

Prayer after miscarriage

Heavenly Father,

I feel such loss to miscarry our baby. Lord please help my heart to find peace. Each life is precious to you, and heaven is filled with children who are running and dancing, without fully living here on earth. Help me to entrust you with our little one and to rest now within your arms.


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prayer for protection

A prayer blessing asking for God's protection and peace to encircle the believer.

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