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real love

A meditation on the remarkable characteristics of Christian love. About 4 mins long.

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poem in this film

Real Love

Love that climbs faithfully, putting one foot in front of the other, overcoming tiredness, surpassing exhaustion.

Love that balances upon rocky places and wades through murky waters. Love that proclaims hope, love that turns the tide of apathy, that rides upon truth to overcome despair. Love that speaks, forming words of encouragement, in a land of failure, love that proclaims "You are precious" in a hardened climate of comparison and curses. Love that enables and supports, quietly gathering, redeeming and restoring. Love that reaches far and wide stretching without discrimination or prejudice. Love like a light bright even in the darkest times, love that holds, keeps and protects the vulnerable.

Love that sings of truth cutting through confusion, eating away deception, transforming from the inside out. Love that amazes, miraculous love that scatters the mercy of heaven across the world. Love that re-unites, love that connects, deep to deep and spirit to spirit. Love that rejoices, love in applause, love that soars and dances.

Love that shouts from the top of the cliff of faith "YES!" Love that creates order from chaos, peace from hostility, reconciliation from dispute. Love that leaps, from the peak of desolation and with wings of grace flies! Love that moves mountains, love that cuts the chains to release the prisoners.

Love that remains, never lost, treasures safe transcending earthly life. Love that promises and carries us all, lightweight, freed and re-born.  Love that came. Love that conquered. Love risen.

Love with no condition.
Love freely given.
Love revealed.
Love that lives
And lives to love.

(Poem by Julie Palmer, © 2016)

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