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Teenager dancing

Teenager dancing

Prayer for Youth
(suitable for a teenager to say in an assembly or class)

Dear God,

Thank you for the amazing world you have made.
Help us to care for every aspect of your creation.

Thank you for the wonders of physics, medicine and astronomy.
Help us to engage with each facet of the universe.

Thank you for the power of the creative arts.
Help us to pioneer new vision and sounds in our generation.

Thank you for our incredible minds and bodies.
Help us to become all we could be as individuals.

Thank you for our family, friendships, community and relationships.
Help us to accept, nurture and forgive one another.

Thank you for all these great things in our lives.
May we play our part in bringing peace, prosperity and justice to all.


Prayer by Julie Palmer © Copyright 2019

Here is this prayer in video form:-

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Side Drum with drum sticks

Prayer for a teenage son or daughter
(a short prayer suitable for a teenager to pray to God with)

Dear God,

Please be my buddy,
Hang about with me.
In the classroom, bedroom, park,
A friend I know you'll be.

When I'm lonely,
Put your arm around me just to say,
That you still believe in me,
Each and every day.

Be my friend, I'm in your gang
'Cos Jesus you are cool.
Show me how to be like you,
I'd rather play your rules.

Listen to my music
And drum along with me,
Give me new ideas and dreams
Then help me to find my beat.

You are ace, you're top deck
You're brill and class and new.
Life is an adventure
'Cos I live it God with you.

Side Drum with drum sticks

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Students Prayer

prayer for a student

A short meditation on God as comforter, counsellor, encourager and friend. Suitable for a student to pray whilst away at college or university.


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