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contemporary christian prayers

Featured in this section of the website are a series of inspiring contemporary Christian prayers for personal devotion or worship occasions. These prayers may also be printed out and used in church bulletins, programs or school newsletters etc. (see here for usage terms).

Sunrise across a field

Sunrise across a field

daily prayers

morning prayers
a selection of contemporary prayers for morning devotions, including a prayer for before work and sunday morning prayer.

prayer before starting work
with a short prayer to say for the working day and two corporate prayers for companies or work teams to pray.

midday prayer
two examples of prayers for midday, including a contemporary rhyming prayer poem.

night prayers
featuring three prayers that remind us of God's love and protection as we go to bed, with a prayer for loved ones and a petition for restoration during sleeping.

for each day
a series of inspiring prayers covering each day of the week, suitable for morning devotions.

Morning Prayer

student in graduation robes


opening prayers
with two contemporary prayers for beginning a church worship service, and a short school assembly prayer.

house blessings
featuring creative ideas for praying for your new home, and a prayer suitable for sending as a message in a card.

birthday prayer messages
with a prayer suitable for a family gathering or service, and a birthday blessing message.

with sample graduation prayers for high school ceremonies and college and university students.

with prayers and blessings for easter services.

featuring two prayers suitable for including in a Christmas card to a friend.

student in graduation robes

Opening Prayer for a Worship Service

Tealight Candles

Tealight Candles


prayers for strength
a selection of modern petitions asking for God's strength to come, with a prayer for those grieving and a prayer for hope.

thanksgiving prayers
with a blessing for a family meal, and two short prayers of thanks.

featuring a request for peace in the home and a meditation on God's restoration and healing.

prayer for guidance
a page of prayers for those seeking God's direction and voice in life, with a prayer for clarity in a relationship and one for God's protection and guidance.

with a prayer for hope and faith to begin again, and a request for God's hope and forgiveness.

prayers for safety & protection
featuring prayers for when travelling and a prayer for the safe keeping of family members (such as a husband or wife).

prayer for peace of mind

A meditation on the tranquillity found in receiving God's life-giving waters, and waiting a while before Him.

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Jesus with the Disciples

prayers for healing

prayer for God's healing
a series of Christian prayers for the restoration of the sick and suffering, with a prayer for loved ones and a short prayer for who are ill.

for good health
a page bringing together several uplifting requests to God for wellness and healing, with an inspiring prayer for good health and a prayer for those awaiting results.

prayer for a sick friend
with several beautiful and uplifting prayers that you can use to pray for loved ones and relatives.

prayers for surgery
several short petitions for those awaiting surgery, with a prayer for a friend to have a successful operation and a short patient's prayer.

for fast recovery
featuring prayers for those currently recovering from illness, with a prayer for speedy recovery for a friend after an operation.

Jesus with the Disciples

prayer for healing

A prayer for restoration and healing, with images of a beautiful beach as the sun begins to set.

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Chalk on Blackboard

Chalk on Blackboard

children & people

class prayers
featuring three simple prayers suitable for praying with children in the classroom or in school assemblies.

prayers for teenagers
with a prayer for teenagers to say in a school assembly or class, and an inspirational daily prayer for a teenage son or daughter.

student prayers
a series of petitions for college & university students, including a prayer for those taking exams and a blessing for nurses.

married couples
with three modern prayers for your marriage, including a prayer for couples in trouble and one for those in love.

for friends
uplifitng prayers for friends, with a prayer giving thanks for the blessing of friendship, and a short prayer for strength for a friend going through a difficult time.

prayer for job interview
featuring a number of prayers for those who are currently seeking a change to their work lives, with an inspiring prayer for success in an upcoming job interview.


Inspirational Prayers


Read uplifting prayers for healing, strength and renewal! Also featuring daily morning and evening prayers, and petitions for various occasions and events.

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