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anointing oil prayer

Jesus with the Disciples

Jesus with the Disciples

Anointing Oil Prayer for Healing

Dwell in this anointing oil
Shelter in it's wings.
Drink the cup of healing
Feel God's love within.

Know that He is with you
Offer him your prayers.
See this mark of sonship
Let it soften all your cares.

Rest within this blessing
Wait upon His power.
Walk with Christ beside you
At every single hour.

Let hope be awakened
And sorrow fade away.
As restoration flows in you
And God's grace holds you safe.

Dwell in this anointing oil
Shelter in it's wings.
Drink this cup of healing
Feel God's love within.

take my hand

A contemporary song written to help minister God's healing to those who are suffering in mind or body.

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Anointing prayer for the home

(This pray can be used for blessing and protection on your dwelling. You may wish to make the shape of the cross in oil on each door of your home as you pray through your house. Sometimes certain oils can leave a permanent stain on paintwork - we would suggest trying a small area to begin with.)

O Lord this is our dwelling place,
More than a house, our home.
So we trust that you will hear our prayers and use this anointing oil.

We place a cross on each door
A cross of love and peace
That signifies that those who come
Are blessed by being here.
We walk to every window and pray for all we see,
For our neighbours, our communities and those who are in need.
We thank you for our living space,
And ask that you would full this room with rest and laughter.
We stand within our kitchen,
And pray that you would bless our meals,
And all those we serve too.
We walk between our bedrooms,
And thank you Lord for rest.
May our sleep and dreams be filled with peaceful nights.

Take every corner of our house and use it Lord we pray
To build a place of love and hope,
Where all may feel so safe.


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