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Fresh Bread Baps

My Daily Bread
(A Kitchen Prayer Poem)


May you take the dough of my life
And bake it fresh each day.
Come sift carefully the things
I do and think and say.
Blend them with some water
Like grace poured over me,
Sprinkle in the yeast of truth
That sets my life so free.
Knead the three together
With firm and loving care,
Give me rest and bless my dreams,
So I rise with more love there.

As I read your word O Lord,
Warm me with your hope,
Until I'm sweet and freshly made
And perfumed with your heart.
At times the things I face each day
Can sometimes break me down
Help me still to give and find
There's more to share around.

As I eat I'll take the wine
To dwell upon the cross.
And join with generations past
Who live to love the lost.
The miracle of Christ in me
Is how you multiply,
You bless the work of my hands
To bring more of your life.
Lord in this moment, I come to you,
Master baker and head chef.
For every day you make me new,
You are my daily bread.

Fresh Bread Baps

Kitchen mixing bowl and glass measuring jug

I am at home in the Kitchen

(A prayer for the kitchen)

Dear Lord,

I am at home in the kitchen.
May others feel at home as they enjoy the food I prepare.
I love the smell of baking.
May others enjoy the fragrance of heavens hospitality.
I love to follow a recipe and make a beautiful meal.
Help me to share something of your life changing word,
And the promises of your kingdom.
I cherish the variety of tastes given to us in this incredible world.
May others who dine with us hear our prayers of thanks,
And enjoy the blessings of food.
I am at home in the kitchen.
May my kitchen be full of love.


Prayer for my Family

A beautiful blessing asking for family unity, protection and guidance:-

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celtic frame

Kitchen Blessing Prayer

O Lord,

May this kitchen be the heart of our home.
May our home be full of love.
May love be made anew here each day for others to taste and know your blessings.


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