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Cheeky Monkey Children's Prayers

Cheeky Monkey TV is a fun way of introducing children to praying to God! These films are designed as a resource for those who work with or care for children. Teachers may find them useful with children in school assemblies, in class or in sunday school lessons. Parents may also want to watch these short films with their son or daughter to help them pray and understand more about God.

series one

teaching children how to pray

teaching children how to pray

Here Cheeky Monkey is asked "How do you pray to God?" and has an unusual gift for Anthony!

the lord's prayer for children

the Lord's prayer for children

In this episode, Cheeky Monkey is asked about what the Lord's prayer means, and demonstrates his vast knowledge of times tables!

school assembly prayer for children

school assembly prayer

This week Ant has some ingedients for making a tasty pizza and Cheeky Monkey has other ideas for them! The video concludes with a short prayer that celebrates how amazing it is when everyone comes together for assembly at school.

morning prayer for children

morning prayer for children

Cheeky Monkey is feeling a bit grumpy today as he has just been woken up by his bedside alarm! The episode finishes with a morning prayer for children that gives everything in the day over to God.

bedtime prayer for children

bedtime prayer for children

Here Cheeky Monkey gets a bit distracted by his own reflection, and Anthony leads us in a bedtime prayer for children to pray before sleep.

closing prayer for class

closing prayer for class

In this episode Cheeky Monkey performs a “magic trick”(?!) and Anthony leads us in a prayer that thanks God for all that we are learning.

series two

how to hear from God

how to hear from God

In this episode, Cheeky Monkey unveils a gadget he has made to help Anthony hear him better! The video finishes with a prayer to help us listen for God’s voice.

prayer before class

prayer before class

Today Cheeky Monkey learns about how God’s presence is everywhere all the time just like the air around us, and Anthony leads us in a prayer to say before class starts.

God made me special

God made me special!

In this episode, Cheeky Monkey gets a card from his cool pop star cousin. The video finishes with a prayer that thanks God for how he has made us all special and unique.

Prayer about change in life

prayer about change

This week Cheeky Monkey is worried because there’s going to be a big change happening at school and Anthony leads us in a prayer asking God to help us when things are changing.

Prayer before meals for children

prayer before meals

Today Cheeky Monkey has prepared himself a small (!!) snack, and we learn a prayer that helps us understand some great reasons for thanking God for our food.

prayer for children when poorly

prayer for children when poorly

Cheeky Monkey is feeling a bit poorly today and is sneezing everywhere! The video finishes with a prayer that we could use when we don’t feel very well.


christmas prayer for children

christmas special!

In this episode, Cheeky Monkey is getting somewhat excited by the news that Christmas is coming soon! The film finishes with a prayer that reminds us why this time of year is so special.

new year prayer for children

new year special!

In this special episode for the New Year, Cheeky Monkey learns how God can help us in setting New Year resolutions, and has a plan about his banana eating habits!

school prayers

Chalk on Blackboard
A selection of short videos and prayers suitable for use with primary and high school children, featuring the "Lord’s Prayer", a morning prayer for school assemblies, and a famous ancient Celtic blessing for leavers services.

Chalk on Blackboard

Chalk on Blackboard

other children's prayers

class prayers
featuring three simple prayers suitable for praying with children in the classroom or in school assemblies.

maths prayers
two example rhyming maths prayers using mathametical terms, with one suitable for high school students and another shorter one for primary aged children.

prayers for teenagers
with a prayer for teenagers to say in a school assembly or class, and an inspirational daily prayer for a teenage son or daughter.


Inspirational Prayers


Read uplifting prayers for healing, strength and renewal! Also featuring daily morning and evening prayers, and petitions for various occasions and events.

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