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prayer for fast recovery

Gathered together on this page are several prayers for those currently recovering from illness, with a prayer for speedy recovery for a friend after an operation, an uplifting prayer for a fast recovery after illness, and prayers for healing of loved ones from sickness. May you know God's peace and restoring power as you pray now.

Golden Cross

Golden Cross

Prayer for a fast recovery from an operation
(a prayer for speedy recovery after surgery for a friend or loved one)

Dear Lord,

Thank you that you bless the medical services with great skills and wisdom. Thank you that the operation went successfully, Lord please now bless each step of the recovery process. Protect the wounds from infection, heal and restore damaged or bruised areas and bring peace, rest and sound sleep. May your hand be upon him/her as he/she recuperates.


Prayer for Recovery from Illness

(A prayer for rapid healing from sickness, such as a stroke)

Father God,

I pray for my loved one in this hour of need. May they be aware of your hand holding them and encouraging them as they now rest and allow their healing to begin. Please heal them of the symptoms of this illness and touch and restore them right at the cause of this sickness. Lord help them to change areas in their lives that would aid healing.

Come renew not only their bodies but their minds and hearts also. May they find new peace.


celtic frame

Short prayer for healing and fast recovery

You came
With unconditional love to leave an imprint of grace upon us.

You promise
Your presence - with us strong and still in each moment that we live.

You touch
Our lives with heavenly praise, risen hope and redeeming truth.

You heal
With the wings of your spirit that enfold us, bringing new life,
new hope and new freedom into our lives.

Thank you.


prayer for hope and strength

This short film reminds us that God's love and hope can bring restoration in the most difficult of circumstances. Suitable for praying those recovering from illness or surgery:-

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Prayer For Hope and Strength

(the prayer poem in the film above)

Almighty God,
You reach into the darkness with hope, truth and light. Stretch out your strong hand in this situation, hold and rescue those who have suffered. Let your almighty love move mountains, cross seas and breathe life into the darkest places.

Light that redeems.
Light that restores.
Light that heals.
Light that protects.
Light that saves.

There is nothing higher, stronger or greater than your love.
We trust in you.

(prayer courtesy

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prayer for the sick

Prayer for Healing the Sick

celtic frame

Prayer for healing a loved one

Dear Jesus,

You walked on the earth, understood the broken world, yet also rose from death into resurrected life. I pray for my loved one that they would be held at this time in your loving arms. Bless the work of the doctors, surgeons and hospital staff, and bring the power of your resurrection life into their body. Come fill my loved one from top to toe with your restorative Spirit. May your resurrection life bring healing and wellness into their being. May your grace carry them through this hard time into a new season filled with hope and joy.


a prayer for restoration

Join Julie Palmer as she leads us through a beautiful encircling prayer for the restoration of our minds and bodies:-

celtic frame

Encircle Me Lord
(the prayer used in the video above)

Abba, Encircle my mind. I have so many worries, doubts, fears and regrets to sift through. Please bring stillness and calm, remind me that you hold all these things for me and took them to the cross so that I might have peace.

Encircle my heart, for I am wounded, broken-hearted and empty. Please bring a new fullness, pour in your unconditional and extravagant love so that I might know new restoration and healing.

Encircle my soul, surround the heaviness of doubt, the weight of the burdens I carry and the ties that bind. With your presence, fill my soul with heavens light, with eternal promises and new faith.

Encircle my body, for I am tired, worn down with ailments and in need of deep restoration. Come with power, that I might emerge refreshed and ready to walk again.

Encircle me Lord. Encircle my whole being - mind, heart, soul and body. Lord, I need you so.


(prayer by Julie Palmer copyright © 2020

Henri Nouwen quote with image of sun through trees

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