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prayer for married couples

Couple standing looking at a Fjord

Couple standing looking at a Fjord

Prayer for married couples
(a prayer that celebrates the wonder of being married)

Dear Father God,

Thank you for the blessing of marriage.
Thank you that we find shelter as two beloved children, cradled in your wings.

Thank you for the safety found in intimacy.
May we walk closely with one another, sharing in the joys and sorrows of life.

Thank you that you are in the centre of all we do.
Come shape and direct our lives together moment by moment.

Thank you for the fruits of love, joy, patience, kindness, and faithfulness.
May our marriage be fresh in this new growth everyday.


prayer for my marriage

A beautiful prayer for saying with your partner for your marriage's strength and protection.

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prayer in this film

Prayer for My Partner and Marriage

As the dawn breaks spreading its beauty across the glistening skies, we lay our hearts, thoughts and lives before you. Thank you for the deep peace, comfort and blessing found in marriage. Thank you for being able to wake beside our best friend and share all we are with them.

May we always see the beginning of each day as the turning of a new page. Come fill our hearts afresh with love for each other. Please keep the memories we share like coals burning bright within our union. Lord, may your grace flow like a cleansing river between us, and your hope be raised up high like a flagpole over our lives. May we always feel the safety of your Holy Spirit interwoven within our marriage. Thank you for the promises you give to us, the adventure you have put before us, and the love you shower upon us, each and every day.


(Prayer by Julie Palmer, © 2020

Prayer for couples in trouble
(a prayer for married couples going through a hard time, that they would be able to stay together)

O Lord,

Thank you that we are known, loved and protected by you.
Thank you that you walk closely beside us, even if we choose to be alone.

We ask that you would come and shelter both of us through this difficult season.
May your light fall upon our relationship, bringing clarity and truth.
May your word breathe new hope into our minds, bringing freedom and grace.
May your peace settle in our hearts, bringing calmness and serenity.

We come before you, we wait upon you. Come Holy Spirit. Come in music, come in beauty, come in adventure, come in fellowship. Come Living Lord and pour your love afresh into our hearts.


prayer for couples

An unplifting modern prayer for God's protection, light and vision to come into a marriage.

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prayer in this film

Lord be our Light

Lord be our light.
When the darkness seeps in,
brighten our days with the power of praise.
Lord be our light.

Lord be our shield.
When the arrows of hurt tear us down,
help us to hold a covering of gold.
Lord be our shield.

Lord be our hope.
When despair starts to rise
keep us afloat, blow the sails of our heart.
Lord be our hope.

Lord be our sight.
When confusion ensnares,
free us to see, to hold onto our dreams.
Lord be our sight.

Lord, come be our light,
our shield, our hope and our sight.
For in you we trust,
in you we arise.

(Prayer by Julie Palmer, © 2019

Prayer for someone you love

(a prayer for your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend)

Lord, you know the deep love I have for this beautiful soul.
We are so thankful to have found each other.
I lift them to you now, and ask for your blessing.
Please watch over them, keep and protect them.

Lord, help me to care for them as you do.
May freedom and grace surround them.
Show me how to honour them and bless our connection.
May your mercy and love follow us all the days of our lives.

We love you.


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