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prayers for sleep

Gathered together on this page are several comforting prayers to help with a restful bedtime, with a beautiful prayer for peaceful sleep, a prayer for peace of mind and an uplifting evening prayer before sleep. May God calm your heart now as you draw close to him.

White moon at night

White moon at night

Prayer for peaceful sleep


As I lay down to sleep, I hold your hand.
Your hand is my comfort and my strength.
Strength to put down my concerns and fears,
Fears that steal peace, are not from you.
You are a loving Father with whom I feel safe.
Safe to rest, to let go and be at peace.
Peace is a gift, from you, and a promise.
Promises are my daily bread, so I will lay down to sleep,
Sleep within you care.


night prayer for a peaceful sleep

A beautiful meditation featuring famous scriptures and contemporary night prayers, suitable for playing if you are currently stressed or finding it hard to fall asleep:

Prayer for restful sleep

Dear Lord,

Sometimes it's so hard to sleep well.
My mind is so active, it is difficult to settle.
My body feels almost to tired to rest.
Yet I know you have created me to stop,
To switch off and be still.
So I ask for your heavenly hand to be on me tonight.
May this night be a restful one.
May I greet the morning with a restored mind, heart and body.
Tonight I hold onto your peace and trust in you.


meditation for peaceful sleep

Prayer for Safety and Protection from the Bible

prayer for peace of mind

A meditation on the tranquality found in receiving God's peace, and surrendering our anxious thoughts to Him. Useful as a meditation before sleeping:-

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Prayer For Peace Of Mind

(the prayer poem in the film above)

Lead me to your still streams O Lord
Where I can kneel in the waters of life
Lay down my anxious thoughts
And cast all my cares on You

Here I will wait a while
Wait a while
And bathe in the life-giving waters

Bathe my mind in Your Spirit O God
Come fill my being with Your peace

Bathe my heart with Your love O God
Come still my being with Your peace

Bathe my spirit with Your freedom O God
Come saturate this life with Your peace

(prayer courtesy

pink celtic frame

evening prayer

A simple prayer suitable for meditation before sleep at bedtime:-

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prayer in this film

Evening Prayer
(prayer before bed)

Dear Father in Heaven,

Here, safe with you, I drink in your peace. Help me to sift through the many experiences, feelings and thoughts I have encountered today. I allow myself to rest, to wind down and to be still. Help me to surrender all I am to you, my fatigue, my concerns, my hopes and fears. As I sleep tonight, I choose to hold your hand. I choose to live with you. I choose to believe, I choose to trust, I choose you always.


(prayer by Julie Palmer copyright © 2018

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