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prayer for safety and protection

Prayer for Safety and Protection from the Bible

We pray because it changes things. Prayer is an action, like a muscle it engages with the now and creates new pathways and spaces. As we travel by car or plane or across the seas it is natural to feel some apprehension about our travel.
Celtic Cross
If you become fearful or anxious,  let God remind you that you are held closely in his loving arms. Now in this place, ask for safety for yourself and for the others that journey with you.

Peace is a promise from God. We can call upon God anytime that we are fearful and ask for the peace "which surpasses all understanding" (Phil 4:7). Sometimes one prayer can be enough to hold our hearts, minds and emotions safe. Sometimes we may pray continually to God as we travel through the unknown. However, one thing is certain - prayer works, and transforms our lives and the lives of those we connect with. This page brings together several prayers to help you as you seek refuge in the Lord. There is a short prayer for safety when travelling, a powerful prayer for the protection of loved ones, and a beautiful prayer for peace and comfort of mind.

people in street seen from overhead

people in street seen from overhead

Prayer for safety when travelling

Heavenly Father,

You hold us in the palm of your hand.
You watch over us wherever we go.
You are our shepherd, and protector.
You are behind us and before us.
You journey with us.
Today we put our trust in you as we travel.


Prayer for safety for a loved one
(a prayer for a family member such as a husband or wife)

O Lord,

I ask that you would walk beside my loved one today. Come place your loving hand upon their shoulder. Protect them from head to toe with your almighty power. Watch over their hearts and minds and speak into their lives with your words of hope and truth.


prayer for safety and protection

A prayer blessing asking for God's protection and peace to encircle the believer.

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Prayer for safety and protection

(the prayer poem in the film above)

May the three enfold you
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Hold you safe and hold you strong

May the three encompass you
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Encircle your life each day and night

May the three protect you
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Guard your door and keep each gate

May the three watch over you
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Still your heart and calm all fear

(prayer courtesy

pink celtic frame

celtic frame

Short prayer for safety

Keep me safe
Safe with you.

You surrounding me
And me sheltering beneath
Your mighty wings.
Save me today
And fill me with peace.


psalm 91

An inspirational reading of Psalm 91, with beautiful seascape images and tranquil music:

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Prayer for Peace and Comfort

Lord God,

You promise the peace of a still lake
Even in the midst of a storm.
You promise the peace of a slumbering child
Even in the middle of tension and disagreement.
You promise the peace of a poppy field
Even in the place of heartbreak and devastation.
Your promise is a peace that surpasses our human understanding.
So I choose to rest by the still waters, to lie down and rest amongst the poppies.
Your resurrection declared peace over trauma, power over death, and life everlasting.

I trust in you.

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