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prayer for new job

laptop viewed from overhead

laptop viewed from overhead

Prayer for a new job
(a prayer for help in finding the right type of work)

Dear God,

Thank you for your presence. Thank you that you walk with me each day. I ask that you guide me as I seek to look for new work.

Lord guide my eyes to see the opportunities before me.
Guide my movements so that I might walk into new possibilities.
Guide my mind to focus on the skills I have and be open to learning new ones.
Guide my heart as I look for work that will serve others and provide for my own needs.
Guide my thoughts that I might remain positive and hopeful in this waiting time.

I trust that you will protect and provide for me as I look to you for my future.
Lord, thank you for your presence with me now.


Prayer for a New Job

Here is the above prayer in our prayerscapes film:-

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Prayer about a new job decision
(a prayer asking God for direction about whether to take up an offer of work)

Loving Father,

I am not alone,
You watch over me,
Your love encircles my life.

So I ask for your wisdom
As I choose a new path.
I lay this job offer at your feet.

Come still my mind
So that I may think clearly.

Come guard my heart
So that I may choose wisely.

Lord, come give me courage
So that I may walk without fear
Into all you have for me.


Prayer for starting a new job

(a prayer to say when beginning your new work)

Lord, you are my vision. Come breathe your life into this day, this new horizon, this challenge that I face.
Lord, you are my rock and truth, I walk upon your grace. I will not be afraid of falling in this new position today.
Lord, you are my guiding light, come illuminate the path before me.
Lord, take this new job, take my skills and abilities, today I give you the best of all I can be.
Lord, you are my companion. Help me to enjoy the work I do in this new season of my life. Come fill my heart with your unending joy!


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prayer for guidance

A simple prayer for those seeking direction in life, useful if you are currently praying about job or career decisions:-

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Prayer For Guidance

(the prayer poem in the film above)

Lord, you promised that when I seek You with all our heart, I will find You.
I seek only after You.
Still my troubled heart.
Calm my wayward mind.
I seek only after You.

I'm never going to be able to figure this out on my own,
And right now I'm leaning heavily on You.
I seek only after You.

I give you all the anxieties and fears I feel inside
I release them all to You
I seek only after You.

I open up my life
So that it becomes like an open book before You
May You write in it Your words of inspiration and direction.

Still my troubled heart.
Calm my wayward mind.
I seek only after You.

I await Your voice.

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