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Gathered together on this page is an extensive and growing collection of short prayer videos, suitable for individual devotion, small group prayer and corporate worship during church services. All these films can be watched for free on this site (or on our youtube channel) and downloaded to keep in high definition for a small fee.

This page is organised into sections, beginning with famous prayers (such as "The Lord's Prayer" and "The Serenity Prayer"), daily prayers (e.g. morning and evening prayers), petitions (for strength, protection etc.) and prayers for healing. There also sections for prayers through the year (Easter, Thanksgiving etc.), events (such as for opening meetings) and children and family prayers. At the bottom you'll find our creative videos. These explore themes such as God's Kingdom and the remarkable nature of God's love.


image of violin with ice-skater in background

dance to my beating heart

A song written from God's perspective, who sings over us with the lightness of His Spirit, gently beckoning us to move in time with His heart.

famous prayers

Sunrise over mountains

the lord's prayer

an inspiring reading of this famous Christian prayer, with beautiful images of falling autumn leaves.

photo of a very small isolated chapel

the serenity prayer

Two beautiful versions of the popular "Serenity Prayer", with inspiring images and tranquil music.

Sunrise over mountains

the nicene creed

a creative interpretation of this famous christian declaration of faith.

looking up at the sky with skyscrapers on the sides

prayer of st francis

An inspirational reading of this beautiful prayer, popularised by the song "Make me a Channel of Your Peace".

sun setting over a public space

prayer of st richard

A beautiful prayer made famous by the song "Day by Day" from the hit musical "Godspell", attributed to St Richard, Bishop of Chichester.

open hand with water pouring on it

may the Lord bless you

A uplifting reading of the famous blessing "May the Lord bless you and keep you", suitable for sending to a friend or loved one.

Three contemporary dancers

disturb us Lord

A contemporary dance interpretation of this famous prayer attributed to Sir Francis Drake.

ministry and teaching

Prayer Ministry by Julie Palmer

prayer ministry

Julie Palmer from Prayerscapes leads us in prayer on a range of topics including praying for healing, prayers for our children and loved ones, and daily prayers for protection and strength.

Teaching on Prayer by Julie Palmer

creative prayer teaching

Julie shares creative ideas on how to pray, including how to open a meeting in prayer, tips on keeping a daily prayer journal and how to pray when life is hard.

famous psalms

Beautiful valley scene

a reading of Psalm 23

A beautiful reading of the much loved prayer of David, "The Lord is my Shepherd" (Psalm 23), set to inspiring images and uplifting music.

golden sunset over water

psalm 27

An inspiring reading of King David's famous prayer ('The Lord is my light and my salvation').

Image of setting sun behind wild plant

psalm 34

A beautiful reading of Psalm 34, including the famous verse "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good", set against breathtaking country scenes and uplifting music.

deer standing in a lake

psalm 42

Excerpts from Psalm 42, beginning with the famous words "As the deer pants for the water".

beautiful beach sunset

psalm 46

A beautiful reading of psalm 46, which features the verse "Be still and know that I am God" from this famous scripture.

beautiful sunset over a seascape

psalm 91 reading

An inspirational reading of Psalm 91, with beautiful seascape images and tranquil music.

lake and woodland scene

psalm 121

A beautiful reading of Psalm 121 - "I will lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from?" set to gentle music and inspiring images.

sunrise over misty landscape

psalm 139

An inspirational reading of psalm 139, featuring calming instrumental music and uplifting images.

short prayers for daily living

Dramatic Sunrise in the Skies

early morning prayer

An uplifting prayer poem that leads us to worship at the start of a new day.

Sunrise over fields

morning prayer

A prayer to receive God's hope, love and joy for the day ahead.

beautiful sunrise over mountains

a daily morning prayer

a beautiful devotional prayer for beginning your day with God.

Sunrise over city

prayer before work

A prayer for the morning that receives God's truth, rest, and direction for the working day.

large clock about to strike 12 noon

noon prayer

A short prayer suitable for saying at 12 noon for giving thanksgiving to God for the morning that has passed and committing the rest of your day to Him.

beautiful lake and mountains

midday prayer

A short uplifting meditation for reflection and devotion as the afternoon begins.

Beautiful aerial shot of a lake with mountains

afternoon prayer

An inspiring film which encourages us to be fully alive and engaged with each moment of our lives.

Sunset over field of wheat

evening prayer

A simple evening prayer of surrender to God, suitable for watching before bedtime and sleep.

bed with white sheets

prayer before sleep

A ministry film to watch at bedtime which meditates on God's peace and blessings.

Sunset over Galilee

night prayer

A prayer for bedtime that reminds us of God's protection and renewing work within us. Featuring images of the sun setting over the sea of Galilee.

clock at midnight

midnight prayer

A powerful night prayer which asks for God's protection and declares His presence and power at the midnight hour.

an open bible and a view of a lake

scriptures on God's peace

A beautiful meditation on several well known bible passages for receiving God's peace.

a woman reading the bible

scriptures on faith and hope

A series of uplifting readings from the bible on the theme of faith and hope in God, including John 3:16 and Isaiah 40:28-31.

Rainbow over seascape

dwell worship meditation

a worship meditation on God's goodness and protection, based on Psalm 91:1.


an inspiring sunset

a prayer of thanks

This short prayer of thankfulness celebrates God's goodness and love in our lives.

snow covered mountains

a short thank you prayer

An uplifting prayer which thanks God for his goodness in our lives, and declares Him to be our friend and Lord eternal.

Sunrise over city

prayers for guidance

With a simple request to God for His inspiration and direction, and a beautiful prayer asking for clarity and guidance.

a large cross with a man praying in the water

a prayer for forgiveness

An uplifting prayer that asks God for forgiveness, and dwells in the never-ending love, mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

People crossing a road

prayer for protection

A short blessing asking for God's safety, protection and care.

Birds flying round a lake

prayer for peace of mind

A meditation on the tranquillity found in receiving God's life-giving waters, and waiting a while before Him.

Holding hands

prayer for hope and strength

A prayer asking for God's hope and light to come into a difficult situation. To the music of "Lord, be my vision".

Person praying

prayer for strength and courage

An inspiring prayer for receiving God's power, courage and strength, suitable for praying during difficult times and seasons in your life.

Image of outstretched hand and light source

prayer to the Holy Spirit

A powerful prayer for help and guidance from the Holy Spirit which invites God's comfort, counsel and direction into our lives.

Trees in Blossom

prayer for strength when grieving

A prayer for comfort and hope for those suffering the devastating loss of a loved one or friend.

healing and well-being

open field with sunshine

prayer for good health

a prayer for good health and strength, suitable for praying if you are in need of healing, awaiting test results or are concerned for a friend or loved one who is sick.

Sunshine over beach

prayer for healing

A prayer asking for God's divine touch to bring restoration and healing.

holding hands to comfort someone

prayer for the sick

A powerful prayer for God's healing and restoration for those who are currently ill.

photo of Julie Palmer

prayer for peace and healing

An inspiring prayer for those in need in of God's peace and healing in their life.

Golden sunset over a sea

prayer for mental health

An uplifting prayer for mental health and well-being which invites God's restorative power into our lives.

photo of Julie Palmer

a prayer for depression

an inspiring prayer to help with those suffering from depression and sadness at the moment.

Two Hands in a Field

take my hand

A contemporary song written to help minister God's healing to those who are suffering.

Woman with hood over face, painted in watercolours.

tomorrow came

A ministry song for those who are in the middle of depression or despair, reflecting on how Christ brings hope into the darkest moments of our lives.

prayers for the church calendar year

candle in the dark

a prayer for advent

A prayer of preparation for the arrival of Christ: looking back in time to his first coming and forwards to His glorious return.

christmas blessing with winter snow scene and trees

a christmas blessing

A short blessing suitable for sending to a friend or loved one at Christmas time.

Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus

love came

A meditation on the Christmas story, with a contemporary poem conveying the significance of the coming of Christ for our lives now.

snowy mountains with a bird flying in the air

prayer for a new beginning

an inspiring prayer for dedicating this New Year to God, suitable for personal devotion or for use in a church service.

desert with barren tree in foreground

prayer for lent

A challenging prayer that invites God into the areas of our lives that we might ordinarily choose to hide away.

Illuminated cross of Christ

easter prayer

An inspirational prayer film celebrating the wonder of Christ's resurrection from the grave.

The Disciples meet the resurrected Christ

love overcame

A reflection on the Resurrection with semi-abstract artwork, poetry and music.

image of a flying dove

pentecost prayer

A powerful request for God's Holy Spirit to come on His believers as Pentecost is celebrated.

white bird flying in front of people

love reigns

The extraordinary story of Pentecost retold through creative imagery, words and music.

Wheat in a Field

harvest prayer

An uplifting prayer which celebrates this time of thanksgiving, and invites God to sow his goodness into our lives.

Trees in the Autumn

thanksgiving prayer

A prayer of gratitude for God's presence with us through the changing seasons of life.

man standing on headland looking out to sea

a new month blessing

Bless those you love with this uplifting message! Featuring a beautiful contemporary prayer asking for God's peace and hope to come.

prayers for specific events or times

Sailing Boat

opening prayer

A prayer suitable for beginning a small meeting (such as a bible study) or church service.

image of a cross in nature

opening prayer for church worship

This is a short inspirational prayer which recalls God's faithfulness and exalts him as Lord and King of all!

Photo of tall trees with sunlight streaming through

opening prayer for a seminar

a short opening prayer suitable for playing before a seminar, training session, bible study or sermon.

Birds Flying Round Bridge

closing prayer

A prayer for closing a church service or meeting with, inviting the equiping of the Holy Spirit for the week ahead.

birds flying over a lake

uplifting funeral song

A contemporary song for those who are currently suffering the loss of a loved one, reflecting on God's promises of eternal life.

suns rays by a home

house blessing prayer

Featuring two beautiful blessings to prayer over your home or share with those who have recently moved house.

man in suit carrying a work bag

prayer for work

An uplifting prayer asking for God's hope, love and presence to flood the place where you work today.

couple holding hands

prayer for fasting

A short prayer meditation to help with personal spiritual renewal during fasting.

Hot Air Balloons

birthday prayer message

A prayer suitable for sending or giving to a friend to bless them on their birthday.

sun over clouds

birthday blessing

A beautiful birthday message to send to friends and loved ones on their special day.

jetty over a beautiful lake

may the road rise up to meet you

a new film based on this ancient Celtic blessing, suitable for congregational worship or sending as a blessing to a friend.

image of an open Bible

prayer before bible study

An inspiring short film for playing before a bible study group or meeting, reflecting on the power of scripture to transform our lives.

hands in prayer to God

closing prayer for bible study

a short prayer suitable for closing a bible study or church meeting with.

Panoramic view over hills

offering prayer

A short uplifting prayer suitable for playing whilst the offering is being taken during a church service.

Sunset image with tree in foreground

prayer for exams

A beautiful prayer for calming the mind before taking a test or exam final.

sun over clouds

prayers for safe travel

Two uplifting short films which reminds us of God's constant presence and protection as we travel.

man typing on laptop

prayer for new job

An uplifting prayer for guidance and direction for those currently seeking new work or a change in career.

prayers for children and people

Cheeky Monkey TV

prayers for children

Cheeky Monkey TV is a fun way of introducing children to praying to God! A film resource for those who work with or care for children.

photo of Julie Palmer

a parent's prayer

An inspiring prayer for the protection, well-being and future of your children.

young persnowith his back to us and jogging

prayer for youth

An inspiring prayer for young people to pray which offers everything we are over to God, so that we might become all we are created to be.

student studying

prayer for students

This inspiring prayer for students asks for God's guidance and protection as they study at college or university.

candle glowing in the dark

prayer for a friend

A heartfelt prayer asking for strength to come to a friend going through a difficult time.

Couple holding hands together

prayer for my marriage

a beautiful prayer for saying with your partner for your marriage's strength and protection.

couple holding hands

prayer for couples

An inspiring prayer poem for the strengthening and protection of a marriage relationship.

couple holding hands

prayers for my family

With a prayer for family strength and a beautiful blessing asking for unity, protection and guidance.

creative films

Slightly longer videos with a theme to each one
woman in prayer

freedom in grace

'Freedom in Grace' is a song of blessing and hope. It is a declaration of God's love for the world, and an invitation to allow the Spirit of God to bring healing and restoration in our land.

the earth seen from space, wrapped in flickering flames

kingdom threads

A creative reading of how the Kingdom of God is like golden threads that criss-cross lands and hearts, bringing the presence of Heaven to Earth.

Man sat in alleyway

come o spirit of God

A prayer for an awakening of hearts to God, based on Isaiah 61:1-3.

Man running

prayer connects

A short film exploring the many wonderful ways in which prayer is a gift for us all.

Real Love

real love

A meditation on the remarkable characteristics of Christian love. About 4 mins long.

New York Underground

the Lord's prayer

A multilingual reading of the "Our Father", from Matthew 6:9-13. Shot on location in downtown New York, shortly after the 9/11 tragedy.

Beautiful Valley

psalm 23 and song meditation

A reading of the famous prayer by King David ("The Lord is my Shepherd") followed by a short song meditation.

Contemporary Dancer in front of fire

this is the church

A prayer by Roger Ellis (author and teacher) on God's gift of the church, with contemporary christian dance interpretation by AlcanzArte Dance, Chile.

Side view of mans face

feel my heartbeat

A creative reading of the Apostle Paul's famous hymn to love (1 Corinthians 13).

Contemporary interpretation of Christ on the cross

the passion

A reading about the death and resurrection of Christ, taken from Matthew 27:27-54 and Hebrews 12:2-3.


Contemporary Christian songs from Prayerscapes
Two shadows on the pavement

between your shadow and mine

A contemporary song which reflects on the nature of God's presence with us.

Painting of Woman

cover me

'Cover Me' is a gentle reminder of how we can be transformed by resting in the presence of God.

semi-abstract artwork of figure in countryside

I missed the moment

A song about having the courage to express your emotions and say something significant to those who are dear to you.

Semi-abstract art work of two people in a landscape


'Soar' is a song about walking with a loved one when they are going through hard times and trusting in God that hope will return.

Semi-abstract artwork for Space song


Space is a song about making room in our lives to encounter the living God.

Butterfly hovering over cupped hands.

this I know

A contemporary worship song about the security, hope and life found in the living Lord.

Painting of daisies

what we have is enough

When do we have enough? This song is about how the simple things in life can bring us the greatest joys.

bird flying in front of clouds


Fly is an uplifting song about releasing our loved ones into the eternal presence of our Heavenly Father.

pastel drawing of a sunset


A contemporary song about faith awakening in our souls as we seek after God.

pastel drawing of an eye with a cross in the middle

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

A timeless masterpiece that beautifully encapsulates our heart response to the death of Christ.


Inspirational Prayers


Read uplifting prayers for healing, strength and renewal! Also featuring daily morning and evening prayers, and petitions for various occasions and events.

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