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morning prayer

Morning Prayer

When we awake, it takes between thirty minutes to one hour for our bodies to be fully switched on. We leave our dreams and the impressions they have left on us to focus upon the day ahead. Praying as we wake creates a sanctuary for our souls as we allow this "coming to" process to begin.
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Although we may need to act and move and begin our day, by praying we can dwell a little longer in the Father's arms. This time allows us to take our thoughts captive and give them to God. Whether it is a dream memory, an anxiety or worry or sadness, as we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open to the Lord we see transformation in these areas. In addition, morning prayer allows us time to give thanks, to count our blessings and feel the love of God at work in us.

This page gathers together several inspiring prayers for starting your day, with a beautiful short morning prayer, an uplifting prayer for strength before work, two inspiring videos, and a prayer for Sunday morning.

Sunrise across a field

Sunrise across a field

Morning prayer


As I face a new day
Let me take your hope
Rising with the dawn.

As I face a new day
Let me feel your love
Dancing through the birdsong.

As I face a new day
Let me see your promises
Glittering through my day.

Lord, as I face a new day
I turn my face to yours
That I may taste, feel and see you today.

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A Morning Request for Strength for the Working Day Ahead

Dear Father,

I give you this day, may your spirit be at work in me. Clear the mix of dreams and thoughts from my mind and help me to embrace everything that you have for me today. I give you the mental and physical tiredness I can feel and ask for your life to flow through me. May your hope stir in those who are close to me and bring joy into their hearts. May your love cause me to find new energy, ideas and solutions throughout the day. And may your truth allow me to stay on track and walk confidently in all that I do.

Father, I give you this day.


early morning prayer

an uplifting prayer poem that leads us to worship at the start of a new day.

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prayer in this film

Early Morning Prayer

You are the glorious morning,
You are refreshment and peace.
You are the sounds as the dawn breaks,
You are the rose that smells sweet.

You are the Lord, my creator,
You are the wonder of life.
You are the great words of wisdom,
I read them and fill up inside.

You are the wonderful sunrise,
You are restorer of hope.
You are the air that we breathe now,
You are the warm winter coat.

You are the Lord, my creator,
You are a love without end.
You are all grace and forgiveness,
I stand loved and free as your friend.

(prayer by Julie Palmer copyright © 2018

Short Prayer for the Morning

I awake
to love
to live
to hope


morning prayer

A prayer to receive God's hope, love and joy for the day ahead.

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prayer in this film

I come before you O Lord
As the sun rises may your hope rise up in me.
As the birds sing may your love flow out of me.
As the light floods into this new day,
May your joy shine through me.
I come before you, O Lord
And drink in this moment of peace,
That I may carry something of your hope, love and joy
Today in my heart.


(prayer courtesy

pink celtic frame

Thank You For This Glorious Day
(a Sunday morning prayer)

I greet Sunday with a smile.

Thank you for this glorious day, Lord
A day of forgiveness, that stretches out like a lake of never ending grace.
A day of promise, of love in action, alive and outstretched.
A day of unity, mending broken lives, where we build bridges of peace and restoration.
A day of celebration, of worship to a living Lord who holds heaven out to us and proclaims life over death.

I greet Sunday with a smile.

morning scripture meditation

Proverbs 3 verses 5 and 6 with image of a path going into the distance

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bird in a sunrise

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prayer before work

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Inspirational Prayers


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