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prayer for pain

This page has four prayers for those who are currently in great discomfort or distress with illness. There is a prayer for someone in pain, a petition for the relief of back pain, and a prayer for the pain to go away. There is also a prayer for a friend who is currently sick for their healing and recovery. May you know God's presence now as you draw near to him at this difficult time.



Prayer for Back Pain

Lord, I feel worn down by the pain in my back. It makes every small thing feel like a big deal. Please help me to manage this illness and continue to find time to rest and treat the pain. Most of all Lord please touch the area of discomfort and bring healing. Please flood the inflammation with warmth and bring the swelling down. Come release the muscles that are tight and bring your restoration.

May my waking hours be restful and my sleep be peaceful.

I ask all this in the name of Jesus, my Saviour and my friend.


Prayer for Healing the Sick

Prayer for someone in pain

(e.g. for a friend or family member)

Lord God,

I wish I could take away their pain. It is so hard to see them suffer and not know how to help. So I came before you, the great Creator God, our restorer, and our redeemer. I know that you took their pain upon yourself when you died on the cross. So I ask in your name for a healing work. Come now in the power of the Holy Spirit and restore this child of yours.


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take my hand

A contemporary song written to help minister God's healing to those who are suffering with pain in mind or body:-

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Prayer for pain to go away


This pain is hard to bear.
Draw near me.
Touch me.
Stand between me and this suffering.
Alive, Risen with hope anew,
I fall upon your promises
And ask for healing
In Jesus name.


a promise from scripture:

Psalm 121 Verse 8 with image of boat and setting sun

a prayer for the physically ill

Julie Palmer leads us in an uplifting prayer for those who are in need of physical healing:-

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prayer for hope and strength

A short film which reflects on how God's light and hope can break into difficult situations.

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