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A short film exploring the many remarkable ways in which prayer is a gift for us all.

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Prayer Connects

Prayer connects, invisible yet tangible, human to holy, earth to heaven, child to father. Prayer changes, creating new pathways and spaces. Prayer. Prayer covers, keeps and holds, prayer brings safety and sanctuary. Prayer persists, anew, fresh to each moment, entwining daily life with the mercy of heaven.

Prayer stretches higher, standing on tiptoe, off-balance, daring and bold. Prayer illuminates, throwing light into dark places, reviving hearts with warmth. Prayer journeys, faithfully through the unknown to settle upon truth and declare hope. Prayer, sees, beyond the physical constraints of time and space, pulling the inheritance of the past together with the hope of the future. Prayer joins, redeems and unites, our whole being, emotional, spiritual and physical. Serenity is found here.

Prayer transforms, pushing out the crushing insecurities, the fallen fears and the bitter cries. Prayer throws lifelines of forgiveness and grace far and wide, prayer unlocks doors, pushes down walls and opens eyes. Prayer places it's feet firmly upon resurrection hope, walks in peace, runs with conviction and takes flight. Prayer like a heartbeat, alive, forming a rhythm in our lives, changing the way we move, the decisions we make and the impact of our faith.

Prayer is a home, a safe place to relax and rest, a place of provision and a place of submission. Prayer lays a blanket of grace, soft and new each day, fresh beneath our feet and without condition.

Prayer is a gift, guided by love, carried by hope and expectant with faith.

(Poem by Julie Palmer, © 2016)

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