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midday prayer

A short uplifting meditation for reflection and devotion as the afternoon begins. This midday prayer may be used daily for giving the rest of your day to God.

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Midday Moment

You're with us every morning, beside us all the way,
You know our joys and worries, cares or needs.
Every minute of each hour your grace flows over us,
Your love and truth connect with all we feel.

And at this midday moment, we choose to talk with you,
To draw so close to you, our heavenly dad.
For what is past is covered by your all redeeming love,
And the future's filled with hope, so we’ll be glad.

We’ll lift our eyes up to the sky and a sight so beautiful,
We'll let your light come brighten up the grey,
And wait upon your spirit Lord to blow upon our lives.
So come, move through us as we live the rest of this day.

For your kingdom changes everything, it touches all we are,
In everything we think and say or do.
We choose to fix our eyes on you, to take hold of your hand,
We give this midday moment Lord to you.

(prayer by Julie Palmer copyright © 2020

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