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prayer for mental health

An uplifting prayer for mental health and well-being which invites God's restorative power into our lives.

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A prayer for mental health

Still my mind Lord. Come anchor me in your word and save my thoughts from endless drift. I will not go out onto the sea until my heart is at rest.

Pull me into your harbour, for the ebb and flow of tides has left me dizzy, all at sea. I need a chance to just abide, to feel my feet touch solid ground. May time stand still until I find I’m filled up, until I’ve been refashioned and remade.

Help me gather up my feelings, sift the memories, tend to the cracks. Help me search for tides that keep me, when I’m ready to go back. Then when I feel the winds are changing, I’m sail ready, strong and full. I’ll be safe on my adventures, prepared and restored in you.


Prayer by Julie Palmer copyright © 2021

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