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what we have is enough

When do we have enough? This song is about how the simple things in life can bring us the greatest joys.

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What We Have Is Enough

What we have is enough
All that riches and stuff it don't mean
All we think that it does
When success is a bubble that blows
Far away as we find
That it's drifted from sight

For what we have is enough
All the castles we build crumble down
As they're made of mere dust
Dare to stop and you'll find the small things
That we cherish are here
Free to all, held so dear

Dream, breathe, shine
The treasure that we seek,
Is one our hearts can find
Sing, walk, unwind
The precious jewels of life
Are hidden deep inside.

What we have is enough
All we cherish and love is like gold
Running deep within us
And the more that we share it we find
That it just multiplies
Given love grows in size

Dream, breathe, shine…

What we have is enough

Words & music Neil Haydock & Julie Palmer copyright © 2022 Capernaum Publishing, England. All Rights Reserved.

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