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prayer for depression and sadness

An inspiring prayer to help with those suffering from depression and sadness. If you are currently feeling low or anxious, you may find this short film helpful as you seek God's healing and freedom.

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A prayer for depression

Father, we seek shelter beneath your mighty wings of love.
Where are hearts feel faint,
Come renew them with your eternal hope.
Where our minds feel heavy,
Come cleanse them in your living waters.
Where our bodies feel overwhelmed,
Come restore them with your heavenly touch.

Lord, we invite you to be with us now.
May you be in every part of our lives.
In our deepest struggles and in our strongest fears.
In our unseen worries and troubled thoughts.
We lay before you all that we feel.
We welcome you into the hopeless spaces.
We accept your kindness in the empty spaces.
We invite you to come and fill our lives with your beautiful presence.
Father, we know you are with us now.
Thank you that you remain with us always.


Prayer by Julie Palmer copyright © 2021

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