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Seek to Serve

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Hi, somehow Neil and I have found ourselves in this place, a place where we seek to serve you! This is a blog for those who have stumbled over prayerscapes in some way and found our work to be helpful.

Sometimes the world lifts artists, actors or directors above others. This is skewered vision, as you – the doctors, teachers, mothers, carers or business people are on the frontline of life. You are the ones who are giving out daily, seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your hometown, workplace or family. So we like to see our creative films, music, prayers and images as something that is there to serve you. Our heart is to bring back hope into hard places, to soothe the hearts of those that walk through tough times, and to create new vision and possibilities for God’s love to be a force of change and restoration across the world.

I have always been a thinker, a dreamer! School teachers would wrestle with me – the daydreaming girl that didn’t seem present in lessons most of the time! So I thought I might start writing this blog, just sharing the inner life and creative thinking of a prayer woman! My hope is that I might serve you…and bring the treasure of heaven to softly and gently bless you in some small way.

A new website coming soon!

Hi everyone! We are really excited to announce the launch of our website, set launch soon after Easter this year. Do check in frequently to discover new tracks, films and writings from the prayerscapes stable! Here’s a quick overview of some of the features:-


With over 100 contemporary prayers for many different times and occasions, such as morning and night prayers, prayers for opening bible studies etc. Great for personal devotion, worship meetings or including in newsletters etc.


A film section with over 25 short videos that can be watched for free on the site (or downloaded for a small fee) and is also mobile friendly!


With resources for developing creative prayer and worship, such as our guide to sourcing thousands of great copyright free images and photos.


News and devotional thoughts from prayerscapes.


Prayerscapes have three albums. The first two feature soundtracks which combine song with scripture readings, poetry and musical underscore, and a third album of purely instrumental tracks.

Be sure to stay tuned!

latest from the blog

Dwell at Christmas

Dwell album cover from Prayerscapes

In this season of giving, it is hard sometimes to cut through the commercial trappings, rise above the “perfect Christmas” expectations and truly connect with loved ones to give a gift that is really yearned for. We (like most creatives) sometimes find it hard to “push” our own work, to believe that our music can Read More

A Beautiful Prayer

Beautiful Tree Branches hanging low down

I think one of our deepest longings as humans is to know that there is a purpose for our lives, that we have a role to play in this world. Thankfully as Christians we can be certain that life isn’t just a random series of events. God the creator of the earth and the heavens Read More

An Ancient Celtic Blessing

hand in sunlight

“May the Road Rise Up To Meet You” is a beautiful old Celtic blessing. Blessings are a gift and ancient ones like these help us to become open channels for the fragrance of Christ to surround those we give out to. I love the references to creation – the sun, the wind, the rain – Read More