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Eternity Is Always Close

Eternity Is Always Close Song

As followers of Christ death is not something we avoid or ignore. It is a fundamental brick on which our whole faith life is built around. This cornerstone is the death and resurrection of Jesus! The end of my life on earth, I believe, will be a continuation of the redemptive love I walk in now. It will be an extension of the restoration going on in my heart, a continuation of the bread I receive from Heaven every day.

Remarkably, I am carrying within my being a little piece of eternity! The Holy Spirit has been released into our hearts and souls, God’s redemptive seed has been sown into the lives of all those who believe. I have become overwhelmingly reliant on this truth when I have been grieving dear friends who have sadly died far too early. As I have waited to visit them, maybe for the last time, I’ve cried out with my spirit come Lord! Come through me Jesus! Be here with these beautiful hurting people. I have with a trembling heart walked beside family and friends in their suffering, wanting so desperately to rescue them and believing with a passion that they deserve so much more. I hope that as I have held their hands and spoken the only words I could find, that they may have seen Jesus not me.

“Eternity is Always Close” is out now on all major digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

“Eternity is Always Close” was written after the loss of a beautiful friend whom I miss dearly. It is a song of comfort, a song that reminds me of the promises before us all. So much of creation speaks to us of renewal. I think of the seed that holds everything needed to create a majestic tree, or a melody that rises to surpass the words that are within it and create a glorious connection across humanity. God’s unconditional love is the real treasure and we as his sons and daughters are living, breathing, grace filled love! We carry the promise of eternity within us and we give this hope out to others. Then as we grieve and come to terms with our loss, we can be comforted by the promise of new life. A life that awaits us all beyond death, where we will soar with freedom, leaving behind illness and isolation, united with Christ forever. I hope the words in this song might resonate with you on your journey of grief and eternal love.

Eternity is Always Close

The treasure’s safe the love and care the laughter shared
You’re so unique you make me smile
So this is not goodbye
As I know you’ll fly

I’m with you every single day my heart will pray
Your soul is woven in with mine
Into heaven’s perfect time
So I know you’ll fly, wherever you may be

Fly, wherever you may be
Fly, wherever you may be
Fly, wherever you may be, fly

Eternity is always close it’s there in every single note
It’s whispered on a gentle breeze
And every touch and in the smallest seed
So I know you’ll fly, wherever you may be

Fly, wherever you may be…

And may you soar above the cloudy skies
And open your eyes
To see the world from heaven’s gentle gaze
My songbird of praise

Words & music by Neil Haydock & Julie Palmer © Copyright 2021 Capernaum Publishing, England. All Rights Reserved.

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