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Prayer for Protection at Work

walking to work

When we work, we serve God. No matter what our occupation we contribute daily to the ongoing work of His Spirit. It can be daunting when we feel the stress of responsibility, the fatigue of physical tiredness or the fear of the unknown and yet God longs to journey with us, to help us through our daily working lives.

Here is a list of prayers to help when we need protection at work:

Short Prayer for Protection in the Workplace

Abba Father, you are the author and creator of life. It is all held within your care, from beginning to end. We thank you for Your presence, for the strength it brings and the protection it gives us. We pray now as we anticipate our working day. We give you our concerns, our anxieties and responsibilities. Please come and bring reassurance into our hearts, minds and souls. Amen.

Prayer for Protection at Work

Lord God, come be our protector as we work today. Enfold us with wisdom as we seek to serve. Cover us with gentleness as we engage with each situation we face. Fill us with courage to solve the problems and negotiate the difficulties. Shower us with hope, that we might go boldly in your strength, knowing you are behind us and before us. Lord, come and walk ever closer by our side. Thank you that you are our guardian and protector. Amen.

Short Prayer before Starting Work

O Lord, meet me today in the ordinary rhythms of my working life. I invite you to come and breathe your life into mine. Come, may your love fill this heart and may it overflow into the lives of others. May your hope well up inside me and bring new vision for my life. And may your truth light up my reactions and decisions. May this ordinary day become extraordinary because of you. Amen.

Prayer for Peace and Comfort

Lord God, you promise the peace of a still lake even in the midst of a storm. You promise the peace of a slumbering child even in the middle of tension and disagreement. You promise the peace of a poppy field even in the place of heartbreak and devastation. Your promise is a peace that surpasses our human understanding. So I choose to rest by the still waters, to lie down and rest amongst the poppies. Your resurrection declared peace over trauma, power over death, and life everlasting. I trust in you.

It’s been great to join together in prayer with you today. I know that God would want to say “thank you” for the work that you are about to do. Here is another film which you might want to watch before you begin work:

If you’ve not subscribed to Prayerscapes, then please do! But until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hands.

Lead photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash.

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