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Closing Prayer

birds flying over water round a modern bridge

I find that there is a unity that arises through worship that it is difficult to express in words. We sometimes encounter glimpses of this when we are joined together in hymns and worship songs, as we fix our eyes on eternal things and are in awe again of Jesus, our remarkable redeemer. I’m sure that the first disciples must have sensed this very powerfully when the Holy Spirit came to them at Pentecost, where we read that “they were all together in one place” and many heard them “declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues!” (Acts 2:10, NIV)

The Holy Spirit gathers us together by being present with each believer in a personal and unique way. As we enter this inner sanctuary as the bride of Christ – the church in all its vulnerability, brokenness and fragility, we open the door for an outpouring of God’s love into our hearts. We find balance, acceptance and a place to dwell in worship. No matter how tough my life is, or how distant I feel from God, I find I always benefit from pushing closer in worship to our eternal Father.

The following closing prayer reflects this filling, this outpouring, and this transformation as we pledge ourselves to give out. We can rest in the Holy Spirit’s work in our hearts and allow the love and goodness of Christ’s legacy to seep out of us into every area of our lives. It becomes a never-ending story of receiving and giving, as we become like dancers moving in time with the heart of the Father.

Closing Prayer

Lord, thank you that we are a family in Christ. Help us to share his love and legacy with everyone that we encounter this week. May we lavish Christ’s abounding goodness upon our families, friends and colleagues. Holy Spirit, come and equip us in our workplace, guide us in our school life, and inspire us in our neighbourhood. May we be your hands and feet to the needy, your words of affirmation to the oppressed and your arms of comfort to the lonely.

Thank you for choosing to use us to bring your kingdom here on earth.


(prayer by Julie Palmer copyright © 2018

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