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Many of us have experienced walking with a loved one when they are going through hard times, be this through a physical battle with illness, an emotional chasm like grief, or a daily struggle with mental health issues. We are complex and fragile as people, made beautifully in the image of God, yet vunerable in so many ways as we navigate our way through a fallen world. “Soar” is about remaining beside those we love, about love holding on despite everything that happens and about trusting that hope will return. It can be an extremely hard journey to stay close when the one we care for instinctively wants to shut down or push us away.  It can be challenging to speak in hope when all we see is devastation, or to faithfully pick up a friend’s broken pieces each day. Yet by God’s grace and power we can care for those who are falling apart and help in their rebuilding.

I suspect we would all remember times when others have been there in this way for us and we know we could not have made it through the hard times without them. Yet we must remember that as followers of Christ, there is an “X factor”, another ingredient to what we offer and hold out to others. Because of this our gifts have great worth, huge impact and eternal beauty! For we see each person we encounter as a child of God, wonderfully made, worthy, and unique. We see them through the Fathers eyes. So, we can faithfully love, cherish, and keep them close knowing that the Holy Spirit is in team with us. He will move within their lives, both in this life and beyond into eternity. We can be certain that there will be freedom, restoration, and new life.


If you are frozen I’ll be an ocean
Lapping at the waves of your heart
Lovingly I’ll move and impart
Ripples of new hope in the hurt
Breaking waves of love will be heard

I’ll keep you safe, I’ll keep you close
For you’re the one that I adore
And we will rest within the truth
In time will fly again and soar
In time will soar

If you are broken I’ll be a potion
Pouring out a softness that mends
Picking up the pieces my friend
Keeping safe the you that I love
I’ll restore the treasure you are
Treasure you are

I’ll keep you safe, I’ll keep you close
You will be free, will be free, you will be free (repeated)
You will be, you will be, you will be, you will be, free.

Words & music by Neil Haydock & Julie Palmer © Copyright 2021 Capernaum Publishing, England. All Rights Reserved.

“Soar” is out now and available on all major digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

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