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What We Have Is Enough

Painting of Daisies

I love the “in between” bits in life. Those very ordinary days amidst the many plans, engagements, commitments and occasions. This song sprang up in one of those moments. Believe me, I wrote what I needed to hear! “What we have is enough” was penned as I had just survived another festive season. Christmas is always a time I intend to navigate better, only to find that once again I have exhausted myself with present planning, buying, wrapping, not to mention balancing everyone’s expectations, getting the home looking right, the food correct and the all the cards sent! So I find that I need to remind myself to “be”, to “breathe” and to enjoy the small moments! To feed my heart on the “in between” times in life and relax in the calm and intimacy that is there. To be “full” instead of falling into the snares of comparison, and to be kind to myself instead of feeling like I’ve not made everything happen.

May I embrace this treasure that is freely available. I don’t need the perfect house, family, party or meal to fill me up! What I long for is peace, security, fellowship, intimacy and rest. I hope this simple song helps to calm your heart in the way that it somehow calms mine!

What We Have Is Enough

What we have is enough
All that riches and stuff it don’t mean
All we think that it does
When success is a bubble that blows
Far away as we find
That it’s drifted from sight

For what we have is enough
All the castles we build crumble down
As they’re made of mere dust
Dare to stop and you’ll find the small things
That we cherish are here
Free to all, held so dear

Dream, breathe, shine
The treasure that we seek,
Is one our hearts can find
Sing, walk, unwind
The precious jewels of life
Are hidden deep inside.

What we have is enough
All we cherish and love is like gold
Running deep within us
And the more that we share it we find
That it just multiplies
Given love grows in size

Dream, breathe, shine….
What we have is enough

Words & music by Neil Haydock & Julie Palmer © Copyright 2022 Capernaum Publishing, England. All Rights Reserved.

“What We Have Is Enough” is out now and available on all major digital platforms. Click here to listen on Spotify or Apple Music.


Many of us have experienced walking with a loved one when they are going through hard times, be this through a physical battle with illness, an emotional chasm like grief, or a daily struggle with mental health issues. We are complex and fragile as people, made beautifully in the image of God, yet vunerable in so many ways as we navigate our way through a fallen world. “Soar” is about remaining beside those we love, about love holding on despite everything that happens and about trusting that hope will return. It can be an extremely hard journey to stay close when the one we care for instinctively wants to shut down or push us away.  It can be challenging to speak in hope when all we see is devastation, or to faithfully pick up a friend’s broken pieces each day. Yet by God’s grace and power we can care for those who are falling apart and help in their rebuilding.

I suspect we would all remember times when others have been there in this way for us and we know we could not have made it through the hard times without them. Yet we must remember that as followers of Christ, there is an “X factor”, another ingredient to what we offer and hold out to others. Because of this our gifts have great worth, huge impact and eternal beauty! For we see each person we encounter as a child of God, wonderfully made, worthy, and unique. We see them through the Fathers eyes. So, we can faithfully love, cherish, and keep them close knowing that the Holy Spirit is in team with us. He will move within their lives, both in this life and beyond into eternity. We can be certain that there will be freedom, restoration, and new life.


If you are frozen I’ll be an ocean
Lapping at the waves of your heart
Lovingly I’ll move and impart
Ripples of new hope in the hurt
Breaking waves of love will be heard

I’ll keep you safe, I’ll keep you close
For you’re the one that I adore
And we will rest within the truth
In time will fly again and soar
In time will soar

If you are broken I’ll be a potion
Pouring out a softness that mends
Picking up the pieces my friend
Keeping safe the you that I love
I’ll restore the treasure you are
Treasure you are

I’ll keep you safe, I’ll keep you close
You will be free, will be free, you will be free (repeated)
You will be, you will be, you will be, you will be, free.

Words & music by Neil Haydock & Julie Palmer © Copyright 2021 Capernaum Publishing, England. All Rights Reserved.

“Soar” is out now and available on all major digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Eternity Is Always Close

Eternity Is Always Close Song

As followers of Christ death is not something we avoid or ignore. It is a fundamental brick on which our whole faith life is built around. This cornerstone is the death and resurrection of Jesus! The end of my life on earth, I believe, will be a continuation of the redemptive love I walk in now. It will be an extension of the restoration going on in my heart, a continuation of the bread I receive from Heaven every day.

Remarkably, I am carrying within my being a little piece of eternity! The Holy Spirit has been released into our hearts and souls, God’s redemptive seed has been sown into the lives of all those who believe. I have become overwhelmingly reliant on this truth when I have been grieving dear friends who have sadly died far too early. As I have waited to visit them, maybe for the last time, I’ve cried out with my spirit come Lord! Come through me Jesus! Be here with these beautiful hurting people. I have with a trembling heart walked beside family and friends in their suffering, wanting so desperately to rescue them and believing with a passion that they deserve so much more. I hope that as I have held their hands and spoken the only words I could find, that they may have seen Jesus not me.

“Eternity is Always Close” is out now on all major digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

“Eternity is Always Close” was written after the loss of a beautiful friend whom I miss dearly. It is a song of comfort, a song that reminds me of the promises before us all. So much of creation speaks to us of renewal. I think of the seed that holds everything needed to create a majestic tree, or a melody that rises to surpass the words that are within it and create a glorious connection across humanity. God’s unconditional love is the real treasure and we as his sons and daughters are living, breathing, grace filled love! We carry the promise of eternity within us and we give this hope out to others. Then as we grieve and come to terms with our loss, we can be comforted by the promise of new life. A life that awaits us all beyond death, where we will soar with freedom, leaving behind illness and isolation, united with Christ forever. I hope the words in this song might resonate with you on your journey of grief and eternal love.

Eternity is Always Close

The treasure’s safe the love and care the laughter shared
You’re so unique you make me smile
So this is not goodbye
As I know you’ll fly

I’m with you every single day my heart will pray
Your soul is woven in with mine
Into heaven’s perfect time
So I know you’ll fly, wherever you may be

Fly, wherever you may be
Fly, wherever you may be
Fly, wherever you may be, fly

Eternity is always close it’s there in every single note
It’s whispered on a gentle breeze
And every touch and in the smallest seed
So I know you’ll fly, wherever you may be

Fly, wherever you may be…

And may you soar above the cloudy skies
And open your eyes
To see the world from heaven’s gentle gaze
My songbird of praise

Words & music by Neil Haydock & Julie Palmer © Copyright 2021 Capernaum Publishing, England. All Rights Reserved.

An Ancient Celtic Blessing

hand in sunlight

“May the Road Rise Up To Meet You” is a beautiful old Celtic blessing. Blessings are a gift and ancient ones like these help us to become open channels for the fragrance of Christ to surround those we give out to. I love the references to creation – the sun, the wind, the rain – that these elements are in God’s hands:-

“May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
The rains fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

A blessing is not a whimsical “I wish, I hope for” etc. It is more powerful than this because the faith of the one who blesses connects with God the Father, Jesus the Saviour and the Holy Spirit the comforter. Just as negative words can damage and corrupt us, there is power in a blessing to change lives. Words spoken in faith have an ability to change the emotional climate, to prepare the ground ahead, and to watch over our rest and our dreams. We hope that this song and film can become a gift that you can give to someone who needs a blessing from God. And we trust that if you are in a hard place yourself that you can receive this as a gift from us. As you watch this film we pray that you might deeply know that you are in the most secure place on earth – in the palm of your Father God, and that your heart may be able to rest in this life changing knowledge.

When we truly grasp the power of blessings we can indulge in blessing others wherever we go. We can speak out love, hope and faith over those who are enchained and see the transformational equation of Christ’s legacy in action. There is indeed power in the name of Jesus. Thanks be to God.

This track is taken from our new prayerscapes album “Dwell”, available by clicking here. It’s also possible to download the film for a small fee by following this link.

Tomorrow Came

Eye painted in watercolours

Sadly there are many in the world who suffer great adversity, grief, hardship or abuse in their childhood. I know from personal experience just how damaging this can be, because these assaults on our developing emotions, thinking patterns and self-identity can take a long time to unpick. Many young people can give testimony to the thought of “wanting it all to end” and tragically some amazing, unique beautiful ones do not survive.

I wrote this song about fifteen years back, when I was in a daily battle inside my own heart and mind with self-hatred. As I gradually accepted God’s unconditional love for me, I slowly discovered that I was able to love myself. In this new place I was able to face the roots of my despair, find counselling and support, and move towards “life”. My hope in creating this film is that with God’s help I can breathe “tomorrow” into the lives of those who continually feel they can’t face another day.

Tomorrow with love, tomorrow with promise, tomorrow with freedom, tomorrow without fear, tomorrow in relationship, tomorrow with vision, tomorrow with future! Heaven longs to embrace those in despair. If you are in this place – begin by finding someone you can confide in – whether this be a friend, family member or useful helpline.  Then carry on taking small steps each day. I have been there. And I found that even the most desolate ground in our lives can be restored with Christ as His remarkable redeeming love settles within our souls.

I hope that this testimony song will be a channel for Christ’s light and hope to help restore those in deep despair:-

Read the lyrics to this song and download the film in HD by following this link.

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What We Have Is Enough

Painting of Daisies

I love the “in between” bits in life. Those very ordinary days amidst the many plans, engagements, commitments and occasions. This song sprang up in one of those moments. Believe me, I wrote what I needed to hear! “What we have is enough” was penned as I had just survived another festive season. Christmas is Read More

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