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This I Know

A butterfly hovering over cupped hands.

“This I Know” is a song that came to me in a moment of confusion. I had made mistakes that had badly hurt others, and I felt very shaken. The song takes the form of a gentle lullaby, reminding us that whatever befalls us, we have a refuge, a safe place, a sanctuary we can abide in.

What I most love about the Gospel is that it is a simple “come to me” message, that we don’t need to learn, earn or win our inheritance, we simply need to receive it! For many years I have had the privilege of working closely with adults who have learning disabilities. I have received so much in this time. I have found joy and freedom in their friendship and enlightenment as I have felt Christ at work in their lives. The transformational birth, death and resurrection of Jesus doesn’t need to be studied like a scholar or dissected like a surgeon.  It is like a beautiful pattern, like a glorious jigsaw puzzle. It fits all hearts, all peoples and surpasses all things generational, physical or mental. Wow!! How remarkable is the power of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit? The three-in-one is like a  dance we are caught up in, receiving the love and forgiveness of the Father, following the call and example of Jesus, and then allowing the Spirit of God to transform us and live deeply within us. It is my prayer that “This I Know” will lead you into that place of deep security and transformation:-

“Even when the earth is breaking, You abide.

Even if I fail, I’m shaken, there is life, life in You, hope in You”.

It’s possible to download and keep this film in HD for $2.50 by clicking on this link.

9 thoughts on “This I Know

    1. Christopher Wilhelm

      I know what u mean and how u feel…I struggle with my faith and fail to live as god wants me too,yet he always comforts me when I talk to him…my problem is I don’t LISTEN to him before I fail..I pray for u and I both to be better listeners..and have faith in what we hear..that’s god talking to me thru my conscience sometimes I believe …I pray we both learn to fear god and seek his love and peace,so that we may feel it in our hearts,our conscience…. I pray to listen ,I don’t want to be numb anymore,I pray to live,so I can feel love ..I pray to feel, so I can make others feel love…I pray, I pray ,I pray to listen, to feel , to love…for us both….amen

  1. Janice Swinney

    I’m disabled from polio…three limbs…both legs and right arm. I’m 65 and have ignored my disability over the years to the point I’ve wore my arms out , my back and neck . I’m in constant pain that the pained the docs give me are not controlling it . Polio survivors are twice as sensitive to pain but docs don’t have time to research these facts and decided we just want drugs. I wake every morning in dread that I have to go through another day trying to control the pain and feel up to living my life , enjoying my nine grandchildren and two daughters and friends. I’ve offered to give random urine samples, invited the doctors to talk to my friends and family. Nothing has convinced them that my pain is taking my life from me and my will to continue another day of debilitating pain. PLEASE PRAY THE PAIN IS HEALED OR DOCTORS WILL UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH PSIN I ENDURE DAILY. I think about not waking up another morning and having to hurt and cry all day . It is wearing me down . In Jesus name please pray for healing of this constant pain. Amen

    1. Julie Palmer Post author

      Janice, I am so sorry to hear of the terrible pain you are living with, I have an amazing friend who also deals with daily pain and I will be praying for you both. You clearly have such an amazing family, as she does and their love, life and company is something you both must rest in. Keep giving and receiving that love, though it is so hard, try to stay open and keep coming into the sanctuary of Gods presence. This inner temple of Christ’s redeeming flow. Find your own way to do this, to draw near, and to soak in heaven. I have seen only tiny movements of healing in my friends physical pain, yet as I have prayed I have seen such a re-blossoming of her hope, and a life vision and purpose awaken that breathes strength and creativity into her days. My heart breaks for wonderful souls like you both who endure so much yet still yearn to give out….. Sometimes I believe the Holy Spirit just needs landing space, and I really hope that elements of the our creative service here will bring healing in the wings of love and tenderness to all who suffer.x

  2. terri jordan

    I just had surgery. I need prayer for healing. I am also looking forward to my best job ever, one that will take me to retirement.This is a beautiful site. Amen.

  3. Mary Ann

    I have been trying to buy This I Know from your blog site and it keeps taking me to the PayPal login. When I login there are no directions for how to send the money to you. can you please help?
    I would like to use it this Sunday for a teen meeting.

    1. Neil

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your message about the Paypal issue. Sorry to hear that you’ve had these problems – we’ve just corrected the link on the blog now. You can also download the film by following this link: This I Know . Hope this helps – do let us know if you have any more issues.


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