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The Human and the Godly

Christ with Mary at the resurrection

Where does my gifting begin and the anointing of God end? When people encounter me, do they clock how much of who I am is actually God working through me? When I speak out encouragement, give of myself or take time to pray, I am sometimes concerned that others may perceive me as something I am not! At times the timid, frightened me stands up to speak out on behalf of the marginalized. At other times the stuttering, confused me finds words full of love and eloquence. And at times the hesitant, doubting me finds faith to share, and bring hope and reassurance to the lost and the broken.

Yet I am a blend, a mix of human and heavenly. I’m stirred by kingdom promises, to create new flavours. I truly am a fusion of redemptive love and vulnerable humanity. Believe me, this is not an equation complete. I am work in progress! When I walk daily upon the love, truth  and grace laid out in the word of God, I find kingdom life awakens. Now, in the darkness and dirt of a fallen world, truly amazing life moments happen. May I always give this life out to others. This is not the “old” me, but the “new” me. The restored me! Forgiven me! Free me! Hopeful me! God through me!

5 thoughts on “The Human and the Godly

  1. janet

    I feel that way I want to say something about Jesus to help others but I stumble and fall how or what do to make me more confidence in my self

  2. Julie Palmer Post author

    Your heart is moved to love and care for others, so I know that you will be already reaching out in so many ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus, with your friends and family. Sometimes, we can see others as more than ourselves, yet we are each unique, with different ministries, gifts and testimonies, so rest in Gods love and just be you!!! Amazingly God can use us even more when we are feeling weak, because we rely not on our own resources but draw from his love. God will use you to draw alongside others who feel low in confidence, because you understand how hard these feelings can be, so you are and will be a light to reveal Gods love, quietly, gently being you!!!

  3. Rolando Godinez Villalon

    How lovely when anyone is truly used by God to be an instrument of His love….

    And Julie Palmer is no exception. Her words transcend to soothe anyone’s feeling of anything that would lead us back to God.


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