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Rainbow Life

rainbow over lake

I love imagery. I have always delighted my heart with it. From a young age it became very important to my wellbeing to behold beauty and wonder. Given the choice of a gourmet meal in the corner of a restaurant or a sandwich with a view, the latter has always pulled at my heartstrings. So I suppose it is unsurprising that God has given me many pictures, occasionally for myself, but mostly for others.

One phenomenon I adore to behold is the rainbow. The sight of one is a beautiful, brilliant reminder of God’s hope and promises. It shouts out “miracle”! And makes me think of the many miracles that lay all around me – nature brimming with it’s many colours and textures, a world abundant with growth and renewal, overflowing with drama and intricate life forms. Yet more than this, I love the way that a rainbow covers the ground beneath it, arching over a physical space to protect and keep it.  This is what happens when a child of God steps into the Father’s loving arms. Suddenly a great arch of kingdom life sweeps over the earth. Colour and light break out in the darkness, ground is taken for love, and hope breaks out across families, friends and workplaces. Great treasure is promised, as they take hold of redemptive love and run the race before them!  I’m regularly praying for rainbows over those I meet. Next time you meet someone, look out for the rainbow.

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About Julie Palmer

Julie is a singer/songwriter and a published writer of prayer poems. Her heart is at all times to be open and loving, especially to the least, the last and the lost. In her home church she has a ministry in prayer and pastoring, and is also a mum to two lively young boys!

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Life

  1. Auntommy

    I love this picture. Rainbows are a special reminder that the Lord does indeed keep His promises. He is such a a big and powerful God. And He loves us and works on our behalf. Such a humbling and comforting thought.

    1. clare see

      Yes…Rainbow is truly God’s promise to us !!!

      Recalling, the rainbow that I saw right ahead of me when I left home to go for Easter Sunday Morning Mass, after my baptism the night before at Easter Vigil 2010.

      My new life has been awesome and wonderful !!!! I grew to trust the Lord mote and more, and more confident of sharing the power of prayer as i continue my life journey with the Lord .

      Thank you, Julie, for your works , May the Lord continue, to bless your works and keep you well , Amen…….

  2. Deshay

    Right on time! Thank You for this inspiration and reminder of God’s faithfulness to His Children, I wasn’t feeling well and my spirit was low, and the love of this message lifted me!


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