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An hour of beautifully calm instrumental music from Prayerscapes.

"Sanctuary" is an album of ten tracks suitable for meditation, prayer or as a background for study or work. Download now for $10 USD.

Prayerscapes Sanctuary Cover

excerpts from "Sanctuary"

download and keep the full mp3 album for $10

track listing

Semi-abstract painting with reflections of sun in a lake

1. ripples
mood: soothing and meditative.
piano, strings and instrumental vocals

abstract landscape with sun setting

2. sanctuary
mood: tranquil and spacious
piano, strings and instrumental vocals

dwell seascape painting

3. dwell
mood: meditative, spiritual
piano, irish whistle, strings & vocals.

Painting of a lake in a valley

4. still waters
mood: calming
piano, celesta, synths & strings

Semi-abstract landscape painting

5. on a distant shore
mood: uplifting
pianos, strings & instrumental vocals

love overcame

6. love overcame
mood: peaceful, tranquil
piano, flute, cello & synths

This I know

7. this I know
mood: meditative, optimistic
piano & strings

beach and clouds painting

8. east head
mood: tranquil & mysterious
synths & piano

Dancer on the crest of a wave

9. the moment
mood: uplifting, peaceful
piano, strings & synths

Traveling at speed effect

10. prayer connects
mood: hopeful and consoling
guitar, harpsichord, strings & vocals

Sanctuary album cover

I really love the prayerscapes! So beautiful and serene...Just what my spirit needs!

Beverly R. Saller, MA
(American Counsellor & Neurofeedback specialist)

download "Sanctuary" mp3 album for $10

Our guarantee: if you download the album and you're not satisfied with it, simply contact us and we'll refund the $10. And you can keep the mp3's or give them away to a friend!


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