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The new album from Prayerscapes out now!
"Dwell" weaves inspirational poetry, foundational scripture and song ministry together with filmatic soundtracks. Download now for $10.99 (about £8.50), or order a CD for $15 (about £12) including free p&p.

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Prayerscapes Dwell Album Cover

excerpts from "Dwell"

download and keep the full mp3 album for $10.99 (about £8.50)

Ishmael - Christian Singer/Songwriter

If you are looking for a recording all about Biblical meditation and reflection you won't find anything better than the prayerscapes albums. We've used them for years at our creative prayer workshops. Yet again Neil & Julie prove that they have a God given talent by producing this unique new album.

Ishmael & Irene Smale
(Ishmael - singer/songwriter, writer of "Father God I Wonder" and numerous children's songs)

track listing

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love overcame

1. love overcame
A contemporary prayer poem about the resurrection of Christ


2. dwell
a worship meditation based on Psalm 90:1

prayer connects

3. prayer connects
exploring the many wonderful ways in which prayer is a gift for us all

Take my hand

4. take my hand
a song to help minister God's healing to those who are suffering


5. imagine
a song of encouragement on being like salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16)

Real love

6. real love
a meditation on the remarkable characteristics of Christian love


7. fly
Finding our strength in God (Isaiah 40:28-31)

This I know

8. this i know
a contemporary testimony song about the safety, rest and freedom found in Christ

Come O Spirit of God

9. come o spirit of god
a prayer for an awakening of hearts to God, based on Isaiah 61:1-3

May the road rise up to meet you

10. may the road rise up to meet you
a song based on an ancient blessing

Carla - GB National Director, 24/7 prayer

Prayerscapes come from a deep well of presence, prayer and the prophetic. Neil and Julie's melodies and poetry invite me to new depths and encourage me to appreciate the beauty of God.

Carla Harding
(GB National Director, 24-7 prayer)

download "Dwell" mp3 album for $10.99

Our guarantee: if you download the album and you're not satisfied with it, simply contact us and we'll refund the money. And you can keep the mp3's or give them away to a friend!

order "Dwell" CD album for $15.00 (free p+p)

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