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"This is the Church" is based around a remarkably inspired spontaneous prayer that Roger Ellis (Revelation Church, Chichester) prayed as an introduction to a talk he gave at a national UK worship conference. Thankfully the tape recorder was running and so we were able to re-create this prayer in the studio, and develop a soundtrack around the words. AlcanzArte Danza have choreographed and filmed a dance to the piece, devising and shooting the work on location near Santiago, Chile.

This is the Church

Let’s embrace the cry of heaven. To see humanity filled with the light, the love and the Glory of God.
Human beings in their right mind, cleansed of darkness, sin and brokenness, restored to the place they should be.
Walking in the garden with the Father, enjoying fellowship with him,
lives restored so they can be who they were intended to be.

Connected, fulfilled. The hole that’s in their life that no one else can fill other than the Creator – filled.
People released to be a celebration of their humanity, a celebration of who they are, who they were made to be.
Church connected together in the presence of God, a strange parable.
A parable of unanswered questions. A parable of broken lives.
A parable of great celebration, of forgiveness and healing received now.
Of great triumph, a living party- such is Church.

Many tensions yet the presence of God upon us.
Both the glory and the shame all in one community.
Capable of great acts of service, yet at the same time lacking in so many ways.
This is the Church. A place for idealists and dreamers, a place for a very ‘real reality’.
A place where Heaven touches earth.
A place where we get so caught up with God’s forgiveness and Glory we think we are never going to come down.
A place where we touch so much dirt we wonder whether we are ever going to see God again.
Because there is so much pain, so much brokenness in people’s lives and that’s what the Gospel is for.
We must not be ashamed of the tensions. We must not be disillusioned by the failures we will surely experience.
We must not put down the gifts God has given us because it hasn’t worked.
Because we will be criticised, we will fail and we will be persecuted, it’s a promise. It’s in the Bible.

But there are also promises of great forgiveness, triumph and healing.
Serving God is all about living in the tensions, walking with God day by day.
It’s about the meals and the feasting. Making our homes open places, having our lives invaded by the agendas of others.
At times, when the last thing we would want to do is to lead a group of people, talk to another person or share our faith, we do it. Because we know Jesus has laid his life down far more and at a far greater level than ever we could.
But it’s also about pulling to one side, putting our feet up and lighting a fire in the garden in the middle of winter.
Sitting there all wrapped up, with a nice bottle of chilled chardonnay and some wicked seafood.
Just sitting there with your partner, with your feet up. Looking at the fire, looking at the stars in the heavens.
All that beautiful array.

Just being thankful to God that we are alive. That we have been saved, that God is with us, God is journeying with us.

(Roger Ellis - Leader, Revelation church, Chichester, England)


This is the Church

we wouldn`t make it on our own, yet the truth it gives us meaning
strength and love are ours to own, we wouldn`t make it on our own
yet your love brings us healing, strength and love are ours to own
we wouldn`t make it on our own, yet your love it gives us meaning
your truth and love are ours to own, we wouldn`t make it on our own
but your love buries us in healing, strength and love are ours to own

and after,
and after love new life is born, when silence comes await the storm
a storm to stir a world to love, a bolt of strength from god above
and after sacrifice comes change, after battle justice reigns
your love will come and break the chains,
break into lives and rearrange
the weak to strong, the poor to great, the lost run free
the streets are angel territory
the streets are angel territory, and after

and after gentleness comes grace, after building there`s a place
where lost are found and broken lives, are swept into the bed of life
and tears are shed in warm embrace
where stranger comes and finds a home
where stranger comes and finds a home

and after rain the seeds will grow, and after waiting armies grow
across the lands with gifts of love, and swords of truth to cut the dark
they walk with angels, trust in god, and follow in the leaders path
they follow in the leaders path,
and after..

Words & music © Copyright Neil Haydock & Julie Palmer


This music is taken from the album "Prayerscapes" - featuring seven tracks for worship, meditation and prayer. The soundtracks can be used for personal meditation, small group devotion and also larger worship gatherings.

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